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Lost Girl: Delinquents Review

Doing Time by the Fae

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***


After Bo's Dawning, it is likely that you expected huge sweeping changes in this week's episode, but while there were a few bombs dropped, most of the story followed the very familiar Fae-of-the-Week theme.

The main story of 'Delinquents' followed the hunt for a Tikbalang who was killing people at a Juvenile Delinquent Camp. Most of this story wasn't terribly interesting or exciting, but it did have Kenzi acting bad, which was great for a few great laughs. The main issue that weakened this story was that so much time was spent on the B-Side story that there wasn't much left to expand on this new type of Fae. Perhaps if they had more encounters with it, and if they weren't able to capture it so easily, it may have been significantly better.

Although, there was one major change that resulted from it, and it will have Doccubus fans screaming for a very long time. (We all know you are passionate for your favourite characters, but please no threats to the writers.) This is something that was hinted on for the past few weeks though, so the break should have been expected. Will they get back together? With everything else going on, Lauren's new human guy friend, and Bo's changes, I don't think the odds are very good.

That is an odd way to prepare the wood for a fire.

If the fun at the camp wasn't your style, likely Tamsin's run in with Acacia was. It may have also been light on the action, which is a bit disappointing since Linda Hamilton was part of it, but it was very interesting and set up a whole new problem for Bo to deal with in the future. I especially liked how Tamsin fought against her mission so many times, only to get forced back by her old friend's hand. Many viewers will use this example to hate her, but I think the resolve she demonstrated to try to help Bo speaks volumes for her character, so she will probably redeem herself by saving Bo and her friends in the end.

Something tells me that person behind this order is necessarily bad for Bo, though. Why? I think the man behind it is Bo's father who is just trying to get reunited with his daughter again. Of course, I may be wrong about the identity, but who ever it is will likely cause some radical changes in Bo for the next season. Will Bo finally get drawn into the dark, since her powers obviously push her toward that alignment, or will her neutrality bridge the light and dark under a new order?

Only a few more episodes left in this series, but yet there is so much that could suddenly change. How do you think the final episodes will play out? Do you think this season will end with a huge battle, like that of the Garuda, or will it end with a huge twist and a cliffhanger that will keep us guessing until the next season?

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