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Lost Girl: The Ceremony Review

Two Go In...

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***


The last few episodes of Lost Girl has built everything to this one point; Bo's Dawning Ceremony, and even though we all knew should would survive, we didn't know in what condition... until now.

The Ceremony itself wasn't as twisted as I expected it to be. Sure there was a bit of the fun house effect in the earlier part of it, but the second half was far too calm. It was great to see everyone in different roles, and I loved Tamsin as the goofy neighbour, but where was the excitement and the danger?

Doccubus fans were probably screaming their head off throughout this whole episode too. If there was any clear indication that Bo's time with Lauren was about to end, her time with Dyson was it. I loved how it was Dyson in the background of Lauren and Bo before the Ceremony, and Lauren in the background of Dyson and Bo after; it really painted a great picture of how much her feelings changed.

While there was lots of character building throughout the episode for most of the cast, it was the off-camera introduction with Bo's father that really changed things. There has been a massive amount of teases about him throughout this entire season, and even though we didn't see him directly, it is obvious that he is about to play an increasing part on Bo's life, whether he shows up in person or not.

The Super Succubus Reborn!

Bo's awakened powers, and her terrifying speech, seems to be a clear indication of what type of dark changes that Bo will be going through in the coming episodes, but how far will she go? Will her father show up to teach her more dark powers? What kind of impact will this evolution have on her friends?

It is also difficult to see what Trick sees in Stella at this point. She has proved herself to be useful to get set up for the Dawning Ceremony, and likely very friendly when they are alone, but she has some serious Dark Fae attitude problems. What she tried to get Bo to do, and what she told Kenzi, really shows how bad of a role model she is, and likely would not make a very good grandmother for Bo. At least we know she will be away for a while, but when, or if, she returns, she may not be very welcome.

When it comes to 'the Ceremony' as a whole, it may not have been as exciting as I had hoped, but the story and characters were enthralling, and Bo's new control should breathe, or suck, new life into the series. I can't wait to find out what this all means for the future episodes.

Reviewer's Rating: 4/5

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