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Lost Girl: The Ceremony

Season 3: Episode 9

"The Ceremony" Review

Episode Plot

Bo prepares for the final challenge for her Dawning; the temple. Reality and fantasy converge as Bo, and her guest, fight for her right to exist. Meanwhile, Trick dreads the meaning of something he sees.

Starring Cast

Anna Silk

Kris Holden-Ried

Ksenia Solo

Zoie Palmer

Rick Howland

Rachel Skarsten

Deborah Odell
Stella Nashira

Ron Lea


Episode Quotes

Kenzi: Where's the Acme company when you need 'em?

Kenzi: She will surprise the shit out of you. And, you would think I would get tired of watching, but I never do, and I never will. Stell.

Kenzi: You will always be my girl, Bo, even if you come out of there with a dong.

Kenzi: Bo is my BFF, which stands for best Fae forever.

Bo: A little Bolivian Marching Powder for the road Scarface?

Bo: I will never kill innocents again, I'd rather die.

Dyson: God, I'm not going to be much help you if I'm crippled.

Bo: I will reign as he did for I am his daughter. Together we will rival the masses and ride on to victory. Even death will fear us, only I will choose who lives.

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