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Lost Girl: Fae-ge Against The Machine Review

Choice and Consequences

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***


Perhaps it was the fresh perspective of director Andy Mikita, who many will know from his work on Stargate and Primeval: New World, but "Fae-ge Against The Machine" did not feel completely the Lost Girl episodes we are used to. It still had all the Fae charm embedded in the rich and detailed world the series takes place in, but it was much more serious. Part of missed the constant comedy, but that was just a whisper amongst the rest of me loving this episode.

Where was Dyson and Kenzi anyway? It's a bit odd that they were left out of all this week's fun. Yes, I know this may be hard for Dyson and Kenzi fans to hear, but even with the missing lovables, this episode was really fun!

Instead of the whole gang, it was really only two pairs, Trick with Stella, and Bo with Tamsin. While both of these groups appeared to be going separate ways at the beginning, and were in separate locations most of the episode, their stories were more connected than any A and B plot this series has had. I really loved the way what one group was doing was effecting the other group in ways they never expected. I thought that Trick and Bo both handled their situations very well, showing that they do think alike after all. I wonder if Trick just like Bo when he was young?

Other than the great story, the biggest treat this week was Tamsin. Just a few weeks ago, she was ready to tear rip Bo's heart out and present it to Evony on a silver platter, but now she has become a great friend to Bo, perhaps even more. The way she is willing to tell Bo the non-sugarcoated truth really speaks volumes for her character, but also makes me want to get a flashback of her past.

Don't cry! I am sure Bo-Bo will make it all better!

What does that wanderer card which kept appearing mean anyway? It is obvious that it freaked out all the Fae who saw it, and the way it rained down at the end is probably not a good sign. Is it a sign of who she will become, who she will need to face, or perhaps a hint to an unlocked power which is causing this mess to occur so early in her life. What ever it is, I really hope it is revealed in the next couple of episodes so we won't need a reminder.

Lauren may not have been directly part of the invitation game that the others were playing it, but her part wasn't unimportant. Ever since Dyson's reveal last week, I knew things were going to change, but could this be the beginning of the end for the Doccubus relationship that so many fans have been cheering for? The thing is, I don't even understand why Lauren expected her to make the celebration. She knew that Bo was going through a lot, but yet she tried to drag Bo along anyway. If you can't be understanding and flexible, don't date a hero. Let's just hope she doesn't fade into the realm of recurring characters like Hale has.

So far Bo has had to confront her past back at home and demonstrate her current resolve by completing a challenge case. Is the next episode going to have something to do with her future? So far this Fae rite of passage is amazing. Bring on the next challenge!

Reviewer's Rating: 4.5/5

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