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Lost Girl: There's Bo Place Like Home Review

Lady Polly's Fun in the Burning Sun

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***


Ah, the annual country town Cherry festival! It has everything: Cherry Seed Spitting contests, Cherry Wine tasting, corn-fed farm boys, buxom milk maids, sweet memories, and an evil Underfae looking to slaughter. Why don't we have these in cities again?

This week's Fae of the week was Lady Pauly, a real nasty Underfae that does an awesome impersonation of Death, in both her abilities and her appearance. She was like a visible version of Death from Final Destination, but, like Samara in the Ring, wells were her achilles heel. The sickle was a nice touch too, but I would have gone with a huge two handed scythe to make her extra menacing.

Although, "There's Bo Place Like Home" was primary about Bo's reunion with her adopted mother, Mary, not an evil Fae. The status of Mary's sanity was a shock at first, but after everything she has gone through, thanks to the description of Bo's childhood, it is completely understandable. It may have derailed Bo's plans for a quick in and out, but it provided us with the perfect catalyst for Bo's character advancement. Bo's final scene with Mary was one of the most touching scenes we've had in Lost Girl. I can't wait for ramifications of a crazy woman spouting nonsense about how her daughter is a Fae, instead of a devil child, which could be brushed off much easier.

Sorry to bother you, I just need a cup of sugar... and your death!

Amid all the tension of family and evil Fae, we had Kenzi being Kenzi, only with 300% more Kenzi. Normally we get a handful of pop-culture, but this time we had a cherry wine barrel overflowing with it, and it was sweet! Sure, I know it was to make up for what happened to her, but it was still awesome and made the episode really fun. If Lost Girl ever ends, can we get a Kenzi spin-off?

Anyone on Team Dyson also had the best news that they could hope for this week... well, except for them shacking up again. Trick was obviously overjoyed with the news too; he is obviously thrilled to have him in his extended family. I doubt that Bo will handle the news so well, if since we were left just moments before her potentially hearing about it. Will it help her through the trials that lay ahead, or will it further burden her will guilt and lust? No doubt that if she does find out, Lauren and Bo's relationship will be tested in the coming episodes, and I don't think Team Lauren will be too happy with the results.

I think it is obvious that I enjoyed "There's Bo Place Like Home", but what about you? Sound off in the comment section below. Also, if a Kenzi spin-off would happen, what would you call it?

Reviewer's Rating: 4.5/5

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