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Lost Girl: The Kenzi Scale

Season 3: Episode 6

"The Kenzi Scale" Review


Episode Plot

The gang is forced to stage an intervention against an increasingly erratic Bo, forcing Bo to learn the truth about secrets kept by the people she trusted most.


Actor: Anna Silk

Actor: Kris Holden-Ried

Actor: Ksenia Solo

Actor: Zoie Palmer

Actor: Rick Howland

Actor: Rachel Skarsten



Tamsin: So sorry your friend turned crazy psycho bitch.

Bo: I will never forgive you for this.

Kenzi: If you're going to rip of my look, at least respect the Kenzi brand.

Evony: A little bird told me of the little succu-bitch's blow out at the Dal.

Evony: I hope you haven't fallen in love with the Happy Sunshine Gang on your exchange program with the light.

Dyson: Why is Bo out of her bonds?
Tamsin: She needed some exercise.

Kenzi: May the force... be... with... me.

Bo: Wow. That was amazing! I've never tastes chi like that!


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