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Lost Girl: Faes Wide Shut Review

Sex, Lies and Police Tape

Reviewed: by Tyler Olson

***The review below contains minor spoilers.***


Lost Girl is known for its nudity and sexual themes, but 'Faes Wide Shut' takes it to a whole new level, while still maintaining the characters we have grown so fond of.

Poor Lauren is so conflicted over Bo's required feeding. On one hand, she's aware of how ravenous her hunger can get, but she also wants her all to herself. I'm sure it doesn't help when she is slowly going dark and veiny. Lauren and Bo's moment at the club was one of their best moments yet, which makes it so painful that Lauren can't be honest with Bo. Secrets plus relationship equals bad breakup.

Bo's body count is starting to increase again, which now has Dyson looking at her extracurricular activities too. Since he was so sure that Bo was innocent when Tamsin first brought it up, I doubt that she will ever let him forget that he was wrong. I though that the writers did a great job at tying the corpse story together with Roman's.

This Bacchus sure threw some wild parties, but I can't help wonder how censored this episode will be in the United States. All the actors did a great job at moving just perfectly to hide the key parts, but this episode takes nudity in this series to a whole new level. I hope they leave it alone or the internet will be full or Succubus rage again. Since Trick mentioned they were more civilized in his day, I wonder what kind of parties were being help back when he frequented the scene in the 1870s.

I don't know which fight was better at the bacchanalian bash, Dyson's bowl trick or Bo going all evil on the two goons. They were both really quick, but yet felt oddly satisfying.

As soon as we saw that Kenzi was back after her odd disappearing act at the end of the last episode, I knew that we were dealing with a doppelgänger, although I am surprised it took so long for anyone to figure it out. The way she acted, her remarks, and the lies made it so obvious that even Lauren appeared shocked at times, but yet no one said anything. Too bad he/she didn't read all the rules of stealing someone's identity; I am sure know their food allergies should be pretty high on the list.

Now that the gigs up (both of them), next week's episode should be even more interesting. Who is the Kenzi Clone? Where is the real Kenzi? Who did Lauren call for help? Will they be able to safely cure Bo without triggering her? Let's hope that most of those questions get answered soon.

Reviewer's Rating: 4.5/5

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