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Lost Girl: Fae-ed to Black Review

***The review below contains spoilers.***

By Tyler Olson

Shapeshifting Emotions

After last week's role changing adventure, this episode was much closer to the norm, if such thing exists for this series.

This week's case was very similar to those of season's past, with some large improvements in terms of story and twists. I especially enjoyed the effects on the victims, and the multiple constantly shifting suspects, but the real cause and the solution to the problem were absolutely purrfect.

It was also great to finally see Tamsin and Bo actually work together for a change, even though they didn't always see eye-to-eye. There may still be hope that those two will become great friends, like they were when affected by the parasite.

It was obvious that something was wrong when Bo was scarfing down energy bars after another hot introduction, but impressively, even in her weakened state she was still doing things that the wannabe super humans only dreamt of. I'm not sure what was sweeter though, Dyson letting Bo catch a snack at the station or Lauren accepting Bo as is, even after their earlier argument, with just one wolf of an exception.

Poor Kenzi wasn't so lucky. Just last episode she was kicking ass, but now she is back to being a worthless human that is being dumped upon by people who she thought were her friends, at a time when she needed them the most. Trick's words to Hale about her did appear harsh at first, but there was loads of wisdom there, it was just really bad timing. Now Kenzi is way over her head, and what comes next will surely shake the foundations of the Dal club's friendship even more.

Why didn't Kenzi tell anyone else about it? Trick would have listened, probably. Sure she was besties with Hale, but she confided with Trick with so many things in the past that it would have made sense for her to ask them for help. I hope that it isn't too late for the little stylist because it looks like she may be in some serious trouble.

While it wasn't as extraordinary as last week, there was still lots of love to go around in "Fae-ed to Black". It really sucks that we have to wait two weeks until we find out what happens next, but that's the joys of airing Sundays during American Football season. Lost Girl returns February 10th in Canada.

Reviewer's Rating: 4/5


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