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Lost Girl: SubterrFaenean Review

***The review below contains spoilers.***

By Tyler Olson

Twisted Cistern

Last week it was a prison, this week it's a cistern; it is as if the writers are trying to find the darkest places for evil to grow this season. After all, evil grows in the dark where the sun, it never shines.

There is nothing like starting an episode off with a bang. A dark and creepy underground freak show where people get snatched up in a blink of an eye and a performer is brutally killed is a fantastic way to get viewers interested.

If the action and suspense didn't get your attention, then likely the two naked women grinding against each other probably did. Bo and Lauren's introduction in this episode was very steamy, but also sweet. I also loved the use of a glass of water to provide several funny moments. I wonder if the writers decided to see how many ways they could make people laugh during a lovemaking scene with a single glass of water.

Once the two bangs were over, the real story continued with the search in the tunnels down under for Kenzi's lost Aussie. Dark tunnels often involve fake lighting so we can see the characters, but the lighting throughout this episode felt natural, which made Kenzi's reveal feel more dramatic and their dark discoveries more realistic.

It appears that one Lost Girl staple, the Fae of the week, hasn't gone anywhere in this new season. This week it was the Slender Man / Pied Piper and Sewer Alligators. I really enjoyed the Fae Pied Piper; the long ethereal hands, his featureless face, and the way his victims actually looked like they were in a trance were all amazing and bound to cause nightmares. While the Light Fae have cool abilities, the Dark Fae always seem much more interesting.

One new Dark Fae that we don't know much about yet is Dyson's new partner Tamsin. So far we know that she is the Morrigan's pet and that she doesn't like Bo, yet. A few more hilarious escapes from the police station and Tamsin might feel differently about her. Sadly, I doubt that she will believe her black-out alibi when they learn the truth about the attack outside the Dal.

This new repressed darkness, which seems to be slowly taking over Bo, is getting creepy. A few black-outs and giving a little reverse mouth-to-mouth with passing men is neat, but the images that were shown on the memory cloth were terrifying. Is that a taste of what is to come, or was it a hint of who her father is? Since it scared off Trick's mind-weaving play-date, I guess they will need to find someone else to learn more.

I am really disappointed that the siren is missing out on all this action. Does Hale's promotion mean that we will barely see him anymore? He had such a huge role last season, but since his new status he seems someone diminished. I hope his appearances will become a bit more frequent in later episodes; it would be a shame to waste such an amazing character. Telling the rest of the police that he won the lottery is a good reason for him leaving the force, but what happens if he gets replaced? I doubt a fake millionaire can return to a life of police work without raising questions.

Like the last episode, "SubterrFaenean" was a fantastic experience. So far the quality feels so much higher than the past two seasons, almost as if its international success has awarded it a bigger budget or something. Whatever the reason, let's just hope that these two great first episodes are a sign of how amazing the rest of season 3 will be.

Reviewer's Rating: 4.5/5


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