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Lost Girl: Caged Fae Review

***The review below contains spoilers.***

By Tyler Olson

Not as evil as I expected

The promos and Showcase's liveevil campaign for this latest season of Lost Girl promised a darker side of Bo, but even though the first episode did take us into a dark prison, it wasn't as dark as I expected.

We were teased with a new darker Bo at the beginning, who was having fun at every turn regardless of the laws she was breaking, but it was all a ruse. Instead of a bad-ass succubus on a rampage, we still have the same old Bo helping people wherever she can, and getting herself way over her head in the process. Sure, this is no different that what we have been used to for the past two seasons, but I expected something... more evil. Perhaps it will be something that will be eased into over the next coming episodes, but so far I feel tricked.

Even though we didn't get the dark Bo I was hoping for, her mission to Hecuba Prison was still very entertaining. From her protective attitude of her cell mate to her fights with the Amazon guards to her sweet moments with Lauren, every scene was great. I think they could have played with Lauren's disguise a bit more though; perhaps a few more smelly references?

I am surprised that Vex is still hanging around the light, but he did add much of the episode's comedy. Normally Kenzi is left being the fool, so having Vex in that role has freed her up to take more of a serious role, while still keeping the Kenzi charm. I still can't believe they revealed Vex's police uniform... that was so funny.

The biggest reveal of the entire episode had to be Hale's promotion. I suspected that he may have found himself in the role since he was next in line when Lachlan became took the role last season, but I am still surprised to see him accepting those responsibilities so quickly. Perhaps in a few episodes his role will be official so he can move out of the Dal and into a more suitable establishment.

I am glad that the writers didn't forget about the "smaller" events that took place in the final episodes of last season. Not many will forget Kenzi's chainsaw attack, but I completely forgot what that did for Dyson. It's too bad that he hasn't had the chance to rekindle things with Bo, but perhaps he will get someone else to fill that void. Also, Kenzi has a rash from the goo she got on her? That can't be good.

This episode also marked a different type of storytelling that Lost Girl isn't really known for. Normally we see the mission from the beginning, thus we have knowledge of what Bo is really going through, but this time it started right in the middle of the plan. This twist really sold the corrupt Bo story, and made many of the twists much more pronounced.

Even the way the scenes were shot felt new and fresh. I enjoyed the first two seasons, but some of the story and production decisions made the series feel low budget, which wasn't a problem at all during "Caged Fae". It is great to see that this series appears to have matured coming into this third season, although in a very low cut tight red jumpsuit kind of way. I think they need to make new opening credits for the series since it doesn't match the rest of the episode's quality anymore.

Overall, this season premiere delivered a great return of the series with many new fantastic developments and hints that darker changes are coming. Sure it was a little disappointing that Bo hasn't become evil, but the season is still young.

Reviewer's Rating: 4.5/5


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