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Lost Girl: Caged Fae

Season 3: Episode 1

"Caged Fae" Review


Episode Summary

Bo risks her freedom to do a favor for Lauren, only to discover she'll have to do it "au naturel." The new Ash is revealed and Bo's new appetites shock…has she not recovered from last season's battle after all?

Starring Cast

Actor: Anna Silk

Actor: Kris Holden-Ried

Actor: Ksenia Solo

Actor: Zoie Palmer

Actor: Rick Howland

Actor: K.C. Collins


Bo: Eeny, meeny, miny...Bo!

Bo: I'm Bo, bitches! And I'll be back!

Kenzi: You can't stop me. Your troll can't stop me. I'm calling a meeting, no questions Ashked!

Vex: Hey! I could be your new partner. With the big stick and the handcuffs, ooh la

Bo: You wore your redneck wig!
Kenzi: And my monster truck thong. Go method or go home!

Bo: I'm gonna go check on her later
Kenzi: Is that what the kids are callin' it these days?

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Lost Girl: Caged Fae Image
Lost Girl: Caged Fae Image
Lost Girl: Caged Fae Image

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