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Lost Girl: "Flesh and Blood" Review

***The review below contains spoilers.***

By Tyler Olson

A Date With Destiny

For the entire season we have been teased with Bo's destiny to become the Savior of the Fae, only it didn't turn out at all as I expected. There were lots of bumps and bruises on the way, any many questionable moments, but somehow they pulled through and ended up ready of the big day... only they weren't.

I was really shocked that they commented on their weapon situation so early in the episode, but still did absolutely nothing about it. Sure they had a small army of their own, but it was like SWAT storming a building with only BB Guns, not a good plan. How did they solve the issue? They don't. I am really surprised that no one thought about raiding the vault, or checking out the Fae Black Market, or something. I guess they were all too juiced up on Succubus Blood to think about it.

That was surprise number 2. I understand why they felt that having everyone bonded together was a good idea, but they definitely didn't think it through. After being told how her mother, Aoife, made her thralls, it didn't make any sense that they would use it so readily. She was even warned about the consequences of using it. What is love without blind devotion, right?

This time, it was personal though, so I guess everyone was a bit preoccupied. Not just because of the deaths in the past few episodes, but with grandpa's capture, everyone probably only had poaching an endangered bird on their mind instead.

We were also introduced to some new shadow demon Fae, the Rabisu, who had the potential to crank up the final battle to 11, but it never happened. While storming the Garuda's Keep, they should have been playing shadow-tag with those demons, although all they got to fight was more worthless lackeys. The fighting was decent as it was, but I think it should have been so much more.

The tale the Garuda spun for Trick was great. It was so well done that it was completely believable that Trick was going along with it. This was the first time that we saw Trick's past, and hopefully it isn't going to be the last. I want to know if what the bird told him was true or not.

The final showdown has me fighting mixed emotions. I want to say that it was a great rush with a satisfying closure to the season, but it wasn't. There were a few parts that were tense, although it seemed like the action was purposely held back just before it got great. This was the problem during the last fight with the Garuda as well. There were some injuries, but they patched them up easily enough. Where was the fatal slash to question their survival? Where was the all-powerful soul-sucking succubus? Where was the wolf unleashed? At least the puppeteer got to play, but no one else seemed all that special.

This finale leaves me questioning were they will go during the next season. There is no Ash again, unless Hale steps up again (which would be awesome), so likely they will be relying on the dark even more. Both Bo and Kenzi are corrupted now, which leads me to believe that going 100% dark side is a complete possibility. Sure, they have concentrated on the light a bit too much for the past seasons, but I always enjoyed the fact that Bo did her best to stay neutral. If they do go dark, I hope it will only be for a few episodes while they find their way back to the land of the grey.

Like all finales, we are now stuck saying goodbye to this series until it returns, which is slated for “early 2013”. Let's just hope it arrives before the dreaded Faeoredom kicks in. Boredom is bad enough, but we all know slapping Fae to the beginning just makes it so much worse somehow. ;)

Reviewer's Rating: 4/5

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