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Lost Girl: "Into The Dark" Review

***The review below contains spoilers.***

By Tyler Olson

Bo, I'm NOT your father!

This last lead-up to the season finale had our heroes licking their wounds instead of tearing some new ones. This isn't necessarily the best thing to lead into a huge finale, but for this series, it worked really well.

I can't believe they addressed the issues I pointed out in my review for the previous episode so quickly. I thought they might handle it a bit next season, but instead we get an amazing character bonding over Ciara's body. I hoped that she was going to survive the ordeal somehow, but her death served the group better than she would have in life. It was as if her death finally triggered all that pent up grief.

It wasn't all about letting go in this episode, and much of it was getting what they needed for the big fight. For Dyson and Kenzi, it was getting Dyson's love back, for Bo it was getting Trick finally to reveal the truth, and her reuniting with an old acquaintance.

Never give Kenzi a chainsaw. Holy crap! Kenzi's resolution to Dyson's problems was completely unexpected, but also very welcome. This needed to have done at the beginning of the season, though. I have often commented on how much I disliked Dyson without his love, so it will be great to have the good old fleabag again. Does this mean that the Dyson, Bo and Lauren love triangle will be returning next season?

This return did come with a price though, but that price is covered with a ten story high question mark. Is Kenzi going to be possessed? Is this going to tie into her promise to the Morrigan? This is probably going to cause a big headache in the finale, but I have no idea what it could be.

On the other hand, we know exactly what Trick is to Bo now. He is Bo's grandfather. Last season we were shown that her mother could create Thralls, and now we know it is thanks to the Succubus Blood King cross. While this reveals why Ryan went a bit nuts the last time we saw him, but we still don't know what creature gave her the room sucking and her evil voice. Wouldn't it be neat if the Garuda she is trying to kill is actually her dad? If it isn't him, perhaps that will be the great evil in season 3.

This last one isn't really evil, but he does have the nasty habit of playing the part. What Bo needed to go through to get Vex's help is probably going to play a big part next season too. While it was neat that the writers chose him to be the newest initiate into Bo's little club, it was really surprising. I expected them to bring Ryan back again, or perhaps have Evony help them out now that they have no Ash, and Vex was the last person I would have expected. I guess they are going to control the Garuda's lackeys like puppets while Bo and Dyson shred the Garuda's wings like a guitar?

There is one last thing that is missing throughout this episode, which I thought they would have needed for the big fight; Bo's sword. We know that the Ash confiscated it after her altercation with Vex, so it should have been in the vault when Bo raided it. Having her armed with that beauty again in the approaching battle would have been great to see. It isn't too late though, and it may still come back in the finale.

I am glad that they finally built up these characters a bit more, and addressed many of the issues that I have raised in my past reviews. The gang looks to be ready to go, so the next episode should be really interesting.

Reviewer's Rating: 4.5/5

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