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Lost Girl


Lost Girl: Lachlan’s Gambit
Season 2 Episode 20 - Original Airdate 2012-03-18

Episode Summary Review



***The review below contains spoilers.***

Lost Girl: Lachlan’s Gambit Review:
Enter the Contenders.

By Tyler Olson

This is it! The big buildup to the season finale has finally started. With all the cards on the table, and the ensemble together, this series can finally bring on the killing.

Very few series handle death of major players well, and with this series record of deaths it was great to witness that these deaths were handled better than in the past. The heroic death seems easier to digest than the senseless ones, but not everyone deserves them. I'm not going to announce the people who took the plunge, but I think the last death didn't deserve to be heroic. Sure, there are some things he has done right, but it has always been easier to vilify him, even in this episode.

The main problem that I have been noticing is that no one appears to mourn anyone in this series, and even when they do mourn, they do it alone. In these past few episodes, their friends have been dropping like flies, but everyone seems too busy with their own actions to be there for one another. I hope that this changes with the events playing out during these last episodes leading up through to the finale, but I doubt we'll get anything substantial.

Trick actually had a Mole and a version of Archimedes Heat Ray. The first is likely wishing he never encountered the second though. Someone needs to create a portable version of this thing. Sure it doesn't kill, but it would be great for defence. I was really surprised that the Mole showed up again at the end, but it bit too convenient. Perhaps if they would have let the fight start a bit, and let the fighters get a bit bloody, it would have seemed a little less scripted.

The rest of the action, and there was a lot of it, was thankfully better. It would have been great if they fleshed out Ciara's character a bit more since we had no idea what she actually brought to the fight. She was called a Faerie Warrior once, but we never saw anything before that showed that she was either a Faerie or a fierce warrior. The teleporting ability would have been really beneficial in past episodes too.

Lauren has given an explanation of why there was so much sex in this series, aside from the Succubus part. Apparently the need for sex is how the Fae deal with grief. Since this is so common with characters we know, does a Fae funeral resemble an orgy?

This was a huge reprise from the last two episodes, and very welcome sign of the things to come. If the last two episodes can follow the pace started in this episode, the finale could be very dramatic and gruesome.

Reviewer's Rating: 4/5


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