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Lost Girl


Lost Girl: Truth and Consequences
Season 2 Episode 19 - Original Airdate 2012-03-11

Episode Summary Review



***The review below contains spoilers.***

Lost Girl: Truth and Consequences Review:
The Truth Cuts Like a Knife

By Tyler Olson

The title makes it sound like this series is all about the team finally coming clean with their secrets, but instead it covered almost everything I didn't want.

The first and only real truth that was revealed, should shape the events of the next few episodes; Lachlan and Trick are now allies and are aware of whom each other are. These two have been working toward the same goal for such a long time that I'm surprised they didn't come to this conclusion episodes ago. I guess it finally took an undercover cop to bring them together.

It was amusing that they both hired Hale to spy on each other, especially when Lachlan already had his Paries. It was even funnier when Hale accidentally blurted out that Trick is the Blood King, just to find out that he is still the last to know everything after Trick called the Ash a Nāga. Perhaps there is a reason he is the last to know everything?

The first disappointment came when the Ash sent Bo to either kill the Glaive or capture her. While first impressions gave me hope that she was going to become another ally in the fight, instead it just became another example of how ridiculously corrupt the Fae hierarchy is. I'm surprised that she wasn't part of Hale's family party since she would have fit in fabulously.

I was a bit afraid of how this mission was going to change Bo's character, but I think the ending worked out very well. The writers deserve a good applause for that part at least... But I'm not going to give one since they absolutely made a mess of the rest.

I hoped that Nadia's story was going to go somewhere, but instead we got another anticlimactic ending. There was so much buildup to her becoming something more and evil, then they just end it. Also, why didn't Bo stick around after to help Lauren? Sure they were both emotionally distraught, but I would think they would still stick together since they are, or were, friends. I'm not too sure if this is going to affect Lauren's feelings for Bo now since Dyson's character went downhill fast after Ciara, and this one was much worse.

The coup de grâce of this episode was definitely Kenzi and Nate. No, Nate still didn't learn the truth, instead he probably never will. In the dick move of the series, Kenzi flat-out lied to him and smashed his heart into a million pieces. Why? To save him. That makes absolutely no sense what-so-ever!

If she really loved him, she would have told him the truth and let him decide to stay or go. He obviously loved her, and she was upset enough at the end that she must have really loved him, but instead they just shoot a massive hole into her character. This just seemed like a blatant half-assed way to dump Nate's character in the gutter before the final battle.

The worst part of this was that both Trick and Bo told her to leave and be happy with Nate. They even both told her that it would be bad for Bo if she did stay. This didn't even have to be the final goodbye. If she does become being Bo's soft-spot in the coming battle it will be even worse and it will probably remove any likability for this character.

There is only one good thing I can think of that could come out of Nate's departure is Hale. As I stated before, if Nate and Kenzi didn't work out, Hale should get a chance. They have been great together in the past, so I really hope they go with it, and knock some sense into Kenzi at the same time.

I really hope that these last few episodes make up for the fall in these past two. There should be a build up to the season finale, not having characters falling flat on their faces.


Reviewer's Rating: 1.5/5


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