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Lost Girl


Lost Girl: Fae-nted Love
Season 2 Episode 18 - Original Airdate 2012-03-04

Episode Summary Review



***The review below contains spoilers.***

Lost Girl: Fae-nted Love Review:
Do You Hear Wedding Bells?

By Tyler Olson


“I'd marry you in hip waders and a helmet.” That's right, someone is in love so much that they are ready to get hitched. In one of the quietest episodes of this season, we saw the darkness that is haunting Dyson and a brief glimpse into the Fae marriage system due to a shotgun wedding.

They should have Ryan Lambert's picture next to the Wikipedia entry of sleaze ball. Sure he was under the influence of some weird Fae hormone, or blood magic, but his record says it all.

Apparently Bo and Ryan were officially taking a break, but still on call for some sexual healing. Last we saw them, they were dancing away at a school, so we must have missed a breakup somewhere. Then one thing led to another, some mixing of blood happened, then a mind wipe, and before we knew it Bo was in a dress and they were being announced as Mr. and Mrs. Lambert. Even for television marriages this happened lighting fast.

Since they were both under the influence of something, we can throw any real character development for them out the window, but Trick on the other hand... Did he call Bo “my love”? This has even Bo is suspecting something at the end. He is promising to reveal everything to her soon, and since we know his wife died earlier, and he probably isn't Bo's father, so I'm guessing grandfather. Something about the mixing of the blood tells me that Bo has to be a direct relative. I don't know how Bo will take it when she does learn the truth. Will she rip off his head, or hug him to death?

The other big story was Dyson's talk with Archer. We don't know what Archer is, but he has the ability to either read someone's mind, or see into their soul. There was two things we learnt from this interrogation; Archer is a psychopath, and Dyson needs to go on a walkabout to figure out who he really is now.

Since the Norn tore his love out, he has never been the same, and has been getting progressively less helpful as time goes on. I have a feeling that Lachlan sent him to talk to Archer since no one else could talk any sense into the wolf. Thankfully, Dyson listened, and didn't kill himself, so now he is gone to get some wind in his hair. This is probably the best way for the writers to bring him back for the big battle with all the willpower he needs to help Bo. Hell, this may even let him open his heart for Bo again, but that may be a bit of a long-shot.

This episode was really needed for Dyson, but Bo and Ryan's drama seemed too much like filler. I'm sure this wedding sounded great on paper, but it just didn't create an entertaining episode.


Reviewer's Rating: 2.5/5


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