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Lost Girl


Lost Girl: The Girl Who Fae'd With Fire
Season 2 Episode 17 - Original Airdate 2012-02-19

Episode Summary Review



***The review below contains spoilers.***

Lost Girl: The Girl Who Fae'd With Fire Review:
Kenzi and Hale's Big Day

By Tyler Olson

Remember the three big families? Well, their back, and dying off faster than you can say "fire". After all, when the creature that destroyed Pompeii is around, things tend to get a bit toasty.

The creature in question this week is a Cherufe, and its existence stirred up some very nasty truths about Hale's family, and overall the state of the Fae. Can they all be that corrupt and spiteful? If so, perhaps Bo should let the Garuda feast a bit before clearing the table. From what I saw here, there isn't much that is really worth saving.

This did give us a chance to see how different Hale is, and a glimpse into what may happen if Nate doesn't stick around. Too bad the rest of the Fae couldn't be as open as he is. If many of the other Fae followed his views about humans and the other Fae families, the constant fighting may simmer down a bit.

Sadly, he still needs to work out a few snags since he wasn't completely honest about what Kenzi would experience with his family, but his heart was in the right place. Hale obviously cares about Kenzi in ways that go beyond just friendship, and seeing them together actually has me hoping that Nate doesn't work out. I don't have any issues against his character, but it just appears to me that Hale and Kenzi have a better chemistry.

If Nate does stick with Kenzi and become a full-fledged member of Bo's fight club, then perhaps Hale and Bo will get together. They both do have a lot in common, and since Bo has slept with almost everyone else, he would be the next logical choice. What do you think, could Bo and Hale actually make it work? Their children might be the ultimate sex-symbol; a siren-succubus.

I found the encounter with the Cherufe to be very disappointing. They hyped up this creature so much, but then it was defeated so quickly. I think It would have been so much more epic if the battle occurred with the house falling apart in flames, then when Bo final dealt the killing blow, and raised its head above hers, all that remained of the house was ash and embers. Too much to ask? I also don't want to know why someone would have a container of liquid nitrogen sitting in the middle of their kitchen?

Dyson is almost a write-off at this point. It is sad to see someone who used to be my favourite character in this series reduced to a stupor. Did the old hag remove his brain when she removed his love? If he continues on this path, Bo might feed him to the next creature she fights in order to give her more time to figure out how to defeat it.

Then there is Nadia. Perhaps there is a reason Nadia was put into that coma. At this point, I doubt that this girl is really in control of her own body. We have seen Gorgon blood causing a mind swap before, so it is possible something like that has occurred to her. Perhaps she is the Garuda that everyone is fearing. When the truth is revealed, Lauren is probably going to take the brunt of the pain and misery.

This was a good episode, but that is about it. I think there were lots of missed opportunities here, and some things they should have just left out.


Reviewer's Rating: 3.5/5


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