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Lost Girl


Lost Girl: School's Out
Season 2 Episode 16 - Original Airdate 2012-02-12

Episode Summary Review



***The review below contains spoilers.***

Lost Girl: School's Out Review:
The Dal Club's Greatest Foe... Teenagers.

By Tyler Olson


It's time for Bo, Dyson and Kenzi to get schooled! When a new super intelligence drug landing kids in the hospital, our dynamic trio goes deep undercover to find out who or what is causing it. Thanks to this story involving most of the group again, we were treated with some well needed character building to get all those Ryan bumps out of our minds.

I was so glad to see this team finally working together on a case again. Despite their differences, the Dal Club really work great together, when they put their past behind them anyway. It did raise a few red flags sadly.

The only way that Bo and Dyson would have landed their roles as Teacher and Guidance Counsellor was if the school would have known about their positions. I really doubt they would have accepted applications off the street for such important roles, so when Bo started questioning the dick-headed Vice Principal, he should have treated her comments with more respect than just that of a substitute, or would have started asking questions when she failed to do her instructed job if he was kept out of the loop. Although a school with a corrupted Vice Principal and a drug dealing coach in the two corners, they may have the tendency to overlook a few misdemeanours.

Thankfully, grading the crappy school system wasn't their reason for their visit. We get enough of those as it is. It sucks, we know that already. Somehow kids are getting really smart, then going into a coma. Of course the Fae are involved, it wouldn't be Lost Girl otherwise, and this week it was a Simurgh (see the myth here). Well, its eggs anyway. Apparently eating those things are really good for the brain for Fae, but it comes with a nasty side effect on humans, which is probably the reason the use of them are forbidden.

This wouldn't have been a problem if Fae weren't taught at the same schools as their prey! Sure, their abilities don't kick in until they are older, but do you really want your kid growing up next to something that looks at them like their food?

The part of the entire episode that will stood out the most is still Bo's involvement with Ryan. Even after everything that she has been put through with him, she still keeps going back to him. Dyson wasn't very happy when he found out about him, and I can only imagine Kenzi's reaction when she learns that Bo has been lying to her. The dance at the end really shows how charming Ryan can be, and why Bo keeps giving him a second chance, but she has to realize how much of a tool he is soon. His shiny paint can only cover his true surface for so long.

Speaking of shady relationships, Nadia isn't as great of a friend compared to how Lauren described her. When someone is working, a true friend won't constantly interfere and try to steal their attention. She's been asleep for such a long time that she should be excited to explore the world while Lauren is busy. Get her out of the house for a bit, and away from the Fae!

There is a lot that we don't know about Nadia, but Lauren is hiding some very big secrets from her. Does Lauren really think that they can maintain their old love after everything she has been put through? We know that Kenzi will be just pissed at Bo when she learns about Ryan, but how will Nadia react when she learns about the Ash and the world of Fae that her lover is tangled with? She is obviously on the right track, so it shouldn't take too long before we find out.

Although this episode was light on the action, I still found it really entertaining. I hope that they flesh out Nadia and Ryan's characters soon, or brush them aside. Just like Ciara, these two mysterious lovers are taking out a lot of the chemistry this group had.


Reviewer's Rating: 4/5


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