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Lost Girl


Lost Girl: Table For Fae
Season 2 Episode 15 - Original Airdate 2012-01-29

Episode Summary Review



***The review below contains spoilers.***

Lost Girl: Table For Fae Review:
A Tale of Three Troubles

By Tyler Olson

Unlike the last few episodes, this week's main story was very bland. Although it was a bit hard to determine which was the actual main story since all three split the screen time very equally, and none of them were amazing. Was it 'The Beauty Parlour of the Ages', 'Kenzi and Nate's Dinner With the Morrigan', or 'Dyson's Bad Fur Day'?

The beauty parlour quest had a few fascinating parts, but it felt like we have been through this a few too many times. Bo gets captured and almost killed, but one of her friends arrive to her rescue just in time. What happened to the super-succubus? When strapped to the chair she should have been able to just suck those sisters dry, or at least the wicked one, before they did anything to her. Also, once she did finally get saved, she was far to cheery for someone who just had several years shaved off her life.

The most interesting part of this story was that Ryan's Dark Fae attitude is already showing itself, and Bo doesn't even care. For someone who has claimed to be neutral throughout this series, she was far to light-aligned in the past episodes. Now that Ryan is here to pull her into the dark, her beliefs are finally taking shades of grey. But could this be a mistake? The Ash told her that it is her kind heart that will help her to vanquish the rising threat, but if she continues to spend time with Ryan, she may not be the same when the time comes.

The battle of the sidekicks has already begun as well, and so far, Kenzi appears to be losing. While it was great to have her back, along with her humorous comments, the ball was obviously in Ryan's court, and he was definitely making the most of it.

Kenzi is probably wishing that their double-date never happened after the outcome. Did Kenzi really think that taking Nate out with two Fae, one who she knew nothing about, was a great idea? She should have at least told him the truth about the Fae before unleashing him into their world. Ryan may have paid for their meal, but it is still Kenzi that is stuck with the cheque. We don't know how the Morrigan is going to use that favour, but we all know it isn't going to be fun for her.

Then there was Dyson, who is all rage now. The news about his lost love has really taking an effect on his personality, which is something that needs to correct swiftly before it affects his friendships. Even when Hale stuck his neck out to help him, Dyson was more willing to cut it off from his head instead of thanking him. With Bo on his case, Hale had lots of time to put his own career on the line to save Dyson's, which appears to have been a very bad decision. It was great to see Dyson finally standing up to the corrupt powers for a change though.

Why did Trick give Hale's case away to Bo anyway? I understand Trick wanting to get Bo more prepared for the upcoming trouble, but shouldn't Hale have been a part of it? This would have been the perfect story for a Bo and Hale to have an adventure together. Is there a reason they don't want Hale part of the gang any more?

This episode was stretched far too thin, and because of that, it lost a lot of its charm. The Dal Riata Club is starting to fall apart due to some really bad choices lately, and I hope they can pull everyone back together before it is too late. Now would be a great time to spill some of those secrets and let everyone work together again since that is where this series has been at its best.


Reviewer's Rating: 3/5


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