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Lost Girl


Lost Girl: Midnight Lamp
Season 2 Episode 14 - Original Airdate 2012-01-22

Episode Summary Review



***The review below contains spoilers.***

Lost Girl: Midnight Lamp Review:
The Genie of the Music Box

By Tyler Olson

Bo, now slammed with the responsibilities of being the Savior of the Fae, finds herself on a mission to find a mighty Afreet. Since Kenzi is away, we got a brand new sidekick, Q.

No not a Q from Star Trek, the type from James Bond. Ryan Lambert (played by Anthony Lemke) has all makings of a quartermaster. He's intellectual, resourceful, suave, and brings all the gadgets and gizmos that a hero needs.

Who is Ryan? We were first introduced to him briefly in the last episode during Bo's birthday party. The bracelet that he gave her, which grants the ability to deflect magic, was just the first of the toys we were introduced to in this episode. The belt he was wearing needs to be in every hero's chest, but the prison lamp he created was truly a work art.

Even though the chemistry between Bo and Ryan was very rocky at the start, their friendship grew very quickly. With the challenge ahead, I am expecting to see a lot more of him in the future episodes. Although, with the secret he let out at the end, I'm not to sure what it will mean for Bo's other alliances. He had better be hiding Thor's Hammer in a secure place, because Bo's friends may be going after this Loki with a vengeance if he breaks her heart.

Dyson's story began with a major plot hole, one that I hope they fill in a later episode. Last we saw the trio, they were all unconscious in their own blood after breathing in the Barometz. Now, without any explanation, they are all fine. Did Trick wake up and heal them with his ring, or did someone else save them?

Anyway, beyond this omission, it was a very smooth buildup to something that everyone likely suspected; he can't love Lauren due to what the Norn did to him. Apparently, wolves mate for life, and since he already found his mate, as in Bo, having that love removed means he has none left to give.

Since Ciara is now very angry after she learnt the truth, does this mean that her character is going to be gone for good? She does still have a friendship with many of the fellowship, including Bo, but will it be enough? She hasn't played a very large part, so if she is gone, it won't be as big as an impact as most of the others.

Even with Kenzi missing, this was a highly enjoyable episode. If the rest of these episodes can build up this much story until the big season finish arrives, we should be in for a real treat.


Reviewer's Rating: 4.5/5


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