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Lost Girl


Lost Girl: Barometz. Trick. Pressure
Season 2 Episode 13 - Original Airdate 2011-12-18

Episode Summary Review



***The review below contains spoilers.***

Lost Girl: Barometz. Trick. Pressure Review:
The Many Faces of Lachlan.

By Tyler Olson

The mid-season finale; an episode to give fans of the series something to cheer at, while promising great things for the second half. Does this episode deliver on both? Abso-fae-lutely!

Since the first season was so short, we weren't treated with this type of episode in this series, so I had no idea what to expect. I knew that they would finally revisit the great evil again, but I never expected anything this complex.

After Lauren revealed to Bo that she had re-devoted herself to Lachlan, Bo did just what any betrayed super-succubus would do; hunt the bastard down! The action was great, but the truth was even better.

Lachlan doesn't just have one head in his box, he has four! Why? He is a Nāga and those are the heads that he has already lost. Knowing what he has been through almost makes up for the cruel ash-hole he has become. Apparently, he has been hunted his entire life for the Garuda killing venom that he produces, and hasn't been faring too well until recently.

What is a Garuda? It's only a creature that feeds on the rage and hatred of the Fae, and since Trick made peace between them with his blood magic, they have become just a tad ravenous.

Trick decided that he had to go on a spiritual journey to find out what was coming and learnt the hard way how mischievous these Garuda can be. What started out as a sweet acid-trip involving his dead wife, soon became a drug-induced nightmare. Sadly, this was all for nothing since Bo found out about the approaching evil without Trick putting himself, Dyson and Hale into a deadly situation.

As for the character building, there wasn't much during this episode at all. There were a few brief moments where Dyson began to realize his feelings for Bo again, and that he never will be able to love Ciara because of it, and Kenzi is in love with Nate. I expected both of these would happen eventually, so neither was a surprise.

Although, Kenzi leaving with Nate to go on tour was a complete shock. Is her leaving going to affect Bo's willingness to fight? How long is she going to be gone for? I hope that this brief intermission isn't going to be too long. Her character has brought most of the humour to this series, and even this episode wasn't the same since there was so little of it.

One thing is for certain; war is coming. Bo now is pushed into a position to lead of the Fae as the Ash's champion. Are we going to see the big stand-off with the next episode, or do we have to wait for the season finale for it? If we do have to wait, I hope that the buildup to the finale isn't just full of filler episodes.


Reviewer's Rating: 4/5


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