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Lost Girl


Lost Girl: BrotherFae of the Wolves
Season 2 Episode 5 - Original Airdate 2011-10-02

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***The review below contains spoilers.***

Lost Girl: BrotherFae of the Wolves Review:
She's got the looks that kill.

By Tyler Olson

I was looking for some real backstory for some of these important characters, and this episode finally delivered on one of them. The wolf in cop's clothing has been this mysterious character for far too long.

Dyson wasn't always a police dog, during his earlier years, he was part of an Irish mercenary pack called the Laignach Faelad. I love how this series takes our myths and legends and makes them fit so perfectly in within the Fae world.

It was from these flashbacks that we learnt of what happened during Dyson's original meeting with the Norn, and the consequences of him refusing her deal. I am a bit disappointed that they didn't go into a bit more detail of Dyson and Ciara's relationship before the betrayal. They were obviously really close, but instead it was just glossed over, meaning our imaginations will have to fill in the blanks. Perhaps they just didn't want to film two dogs in heat...

Back in Present day, Cyden, one of Dyson's old pack friends, showed up in town to let him know that a Mongolian Death Worm was in town. Since the species is a living weapon of mass destruction, Dyson called for some backup... well, actually just Bo and Kenzi. Hale eventually got caught up in the mess of things too. Since he wasn't at Bo's during the planning phase, I am guessing he was just drafted to be Kenzi's armrest for the evening since they never gave any other explanation of him being there.

I have seen some older women with a stare that looked like it could bore a hole in a man's skull when someone turns of her TV, but never one that could actually do it. What an awesome way to hide the deadliest of Fae. Too bad for her buyer that he never learnt how to treat his elders.

Right from Cyden's introduction, I expected a double-cross coming, but never to that scale. Smuggling the Death Worm was bad, smuggling Dyson's dame was worse. Since he survived, I am expecting the rematch to be less than favourable for everyone.

Lauren is finally free of her imprisonment, and has settled in nicely with Bo. Even though she saw herself as being in the way a few times, I know that she will fit right in. Bo needs to be more careful of what who she brings home now, since I'm sure it hurt Lauren to hear her passionate sexual healing with Dyson's friend. I have heard tidbits of what is to come for them, so I can't wait to see their relationship evolve. I really hope that our Syfy viewers don't miss out on it again when it does arrive. The Ash-hole is obviously aware of Lauren's location, even if Bo lied to him about it, so I wonder how long it will be before he shows up to ruin things again.

Kenzi didn't have much of a role, but she still provided the best laughs of the episode. I love the fact that she is also calling the new Ash an Ash-hole. I have used it in the past reviews when mentioning him with no prior knowledge of this, so I found this joke to be extra special.

So far this season has been all character building, which is an amazing improvement on the first season. I really wish they explored these characters before, instead of just introducing a new Fae every week. The only complaint I have for this episode is that we still don't have any update on the big evil that is coming for Bo. Did the writers forget about it, or just decided it wasn't important enough to at least give us a teaser every so often?

Important Lessons:
- A Mongolian Deathworm will shoot out lasers that can vapourize anything, when they can't watch their favourite game shows.
- Lauren is Bo and Kenzi's new personal chef.
- What happens in the pack, stays in the pack!
- Dysons' old shifter pack was known as Laignach Faelad.
- Dyson is both a police man and a police dog.


Reviewer's Rating: 4.5/5


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