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Lost Girl


Lost Girl: Mirror, Mirror
Season 2 Episode 4 - Original Airdate 2011-09-25

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***The review below contains spoilers.***

Lost Girl: Mirror, Mirror Review:
Hansel and Gretel meets Hannibal Lecter

By Tyler Olson

I'm going to start off by noting that all of my Lost Girl reviews are for the Canadian version, not the butchered version that is currently airing on Syfy. It has come to my attention that Syfy has made the decision to cut back content to fit more commercials in, meaning some parts of the episodes are being cut. If you are watching it on Syfy, I am terribly sorry that you are missing out on some great scenes and I would recommend flooding Syfy with complaints to hopefully make them realize that it isn't alright.

That said, on to the review.

This week, Kenzi calls on a Russian Fae called Baba Yaga to curse Dyson for what he is doing to Bo, and in doing so puts a massive strain on the friendship that she has built up with all her new friends. Thankfully, after things went from bad to worse, she got to see how much some of her friends really do care about her.

When Dyson learnt what Kenzi did, I really thought he was going to wolf out and attack her. We have seen him lose control when he was angry before, and this was much worse. Perhaps losing his love for Bo is causing him more pain that he is letting on. It looked like he never really forgave Kenzi, even after she put her own life on the line to make it up. Sure, he helped Bo rescue her, but he seemed more interested in helping Bo, since it was important to her, and not saving Kenzi. It is a shame because Kenzi and Dyson were so close around the end of the last season.

In Kenzi's attempt to break the curse, we got to meet one of her relatives for the first time. Her Aunt Ludmila (Catherine Fitch) was almost as fun to watch as Kenzi was. Too bad that her role was so short, even if it was still very important. I found her line about honest Ukrainians very amusing due to how honest she was herself. Several viewers may think that she was being insulting, but I think she meant it as more of a compliment... but I could be wrong.

The official introduction to Baba Yaga (Kate Lynch) was a bit unexpected. With how much the other Fae feared her, I expected Baba to show off a lot more power than she did. I understand they were going for the old hag look, but if she was powerful enough to curse people outside her realm, why didn't show any abilities at all when dealing with her mouthy slaves?

Kenzi said it best when she described Baba Yaga's place as Hansel and Gretel meets Hannibal Lecter. Everything from the environment to the cooking of people, made this part of the story really easy to get into. I'm surprised that they didn't go so far as to call one of the girls Gretel, or have them talk about someone by that name being eaten recently. Instead of just mentioning the story, they should have just dived right in and had fun with it.

There aren't too many friends that would put so much on the line to save one another, but Bo did it without any hesitation. I love the way they have become so close that even when things get really messed up, they are still there for each other. It was disappointing that everything that Bo went through felt like it wasn't even needed since Kenzi did so well on her own. I hope the new freelancing job isn't going to make her regret her choice.

The last episode hinted that Bo has become to fear being alone again, but this episode made it undeniable. She lost Dyson's love, and Lauren is being held by the Ash, making it feel like she is gone too. If she would lose Kenzi too, everyone that she counted as her closest friends would have been taken away from her.

Hale may not be counted amongst her closest friends yet, but his words spoke volumes. I especially loved the way he told Dyson to stop flaunting his stuff around Bo. Sadly, Dyson still didn't seem to care that Bo seeing him with other women was hurting their friendship. I hope Hale can calm this dog down before he does too much damage.

There was still no word about the great evil that is coming for Bo, but the character building in this episode still made it fantastic to watch. I hope that they give us something soon since I don't like it when writers tease us with something big, but then leave us hanging for such a long time.

Important Lessons:
- Never give mouth-to-mouth to a Succubus.
- It's never a good idea to show off new lovers to your Ex, especially if they know how to call on Baba Yaga.
- If you have an important item to hide, don't hide the chest in plain sight with a guard dog that isn't loyal.
- Drinks go well with a barbecued Fae.
- Bo is not a fan of being under water after she almost drowned in Lake Miniwappo when she was six.
- Kenzi's dad was really strict and often locked her in closets. This might explain her fascination with clothes.


Reviewer's Rating: 4.5/5


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