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Lost Girl


Lost Girl: Something Wicked This Fae Comes
Season 2 Episode 1 - Original Airdate 2011-09-04

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***The review below contains spoilers.***

Lost Girl: Something Wicked This Fae Comes Review:
Enter the psycho circus of Fae!

By Tyler Olson

Just three weeks after the first season finale, Bo, Kenzi and Hale are cleaning up the dead Elder Fae's pets, which typically got loose, while Dyson was gone wolfing up and down the coast. Since her favourite healer is gone, Bo is stuck getting 'take-out' after she gets injured. Why is it that Bo is the one that always gets hurt? Hale and Kenzi were both right there too, so I would expect they wouldn't walk away unharmed when the heroine took such a nasty cut. Also, where did they get those weapons? Since those definitely aren't police issue, I am guessing that someone was hiding a serious stash for just such an emergency, or Trick 'acquired' them from the Light Fae armoury.

The pace of the episode didn't slow down much once they introduced the Slaugh, who were Fae who traveled around as a circus. I am guessing the way they had to get more information, the Slaugh may not be the only circus Fae out there. Since their odd abilities and appearances would make for a grand show, it does make a lot of sense. Although, this circus wasn't all fun and games, and instead left a trail of dead Fae in their wake.

The concept that the land had to be mated with, in order for Fae to inhabit it, may have gone a bit too far to be accepted by most viewers. I know the series follows a succubus around, but this plot almost seemed more attuned for a adult movie, not a TV show. I'm not complaining, since I believe that our rating system is a bit backwards as I don't understand why seeing the act of creating life is worse that seeing some take a life, but many may not agree.

The rest of the ritual was very neat and made a lot of sense in this mystical world. I especially loved the way they had guardians holding key items within their bodies in order to keep the Ash's hold on the land safe. I expected the Heart Stone to be a bit smaller, especially since they were able to move it so quickly. If it was around the size of a grapefruit, it would have served the same purpose, and made a lot more sense.

In the Fae world, a kiss can break curses, just like in many fairy tales. So once Dyson returned, and got over what happened, and the right-hook that he took from Bo, we got to see a Once Upon A Time style kiss between him and Bo. Too bad it didn't work out and instead Bo was left with a broken heart. I guess they weren't true love, if there is such a thing with a Succubi.

When Dyson learnt what Trick did, I was sure he was going to lash out. Since he never told trick what happened with his deal, it is probably affecting him more that he shows. Dyson may become a problem for him later on, and it wouldn't surprise me if the wolf flips sides and becomes more of a villain during this season because of it.

Lastly, we were teased with a little girl who kept on disappearing in front of Bo several times throughout this episode, which seemed like just another circus act, but it was surprisingly much more. The Nain Rouge lived up to her mythology and painted a very grim picture for Bo's future at the end. It will be interesting to see what this evil is and why it is coming for Bo. This is likely the price that Trick has been afraid of, so I am hoping it is going to live up to the hype.

Overall, it was a great episode that kept the twists coming until the very end. It appears that this series is off to a much better start than the first few shaky episodes last season, which is a present sign. If they can keep the pace going, this season might just be the wild ride we're all looking for.


Reviewer's Rating: 4.5/5


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