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Lost Girl


Lost Girl: Blood Lines
Season 1 Episode 13 - Original Airdate 2010-12-12

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***The review below contains spoilers.***

Lost Girl: Blood Lines Review:
The Fae-tastic 1st Season Fae-nale.

By Tyler Olson

For a season finale, this episode did a great job at tying up many of the loose ends, but yet left so much open for future advancement. So many problems in the past episodes make so much more sense now.

Saskia is really Aife, Bo is her daughter, and Trick is really the Blood King. Now that we finally have found out how Trick created the Light and Dark Alignments from chaos, it makes his attitude and reluctance to step into the spotlight so much more understandable. Not only did he cause the split, but he also is the reason why Saskia, aka Aife, is now trying to break apart the two sides in order to return everything to chaos. Since she is Bo's mother, it also explains why Bo isn't drawn to any of the sides as well.

Let's start with Trick. Before the sides were drawn, there was a bitter war with all the factions, one of which, both Aife and Trick were part of. As a Blood Sage, Trick has the power to write down events in his own blood, which will come true, but at a price. I am assuming that Aife not being drawn into one of those two alignments is part of the problems that occurred because of his blood writing. He also mentioned that nothing good ever came from using his blood, which makes me wonder what else he has changed and if that is the reason he is just managing a bar.

I knew that Bo was going to be bitter about Dyson and Trick holding the truth away from her, so her reaction to the news was expected. I was a bit surprised that she didn't have such strong feelings against her mother, who also lied to her. Even after seeing that Aife had thralls to do everything for her, she still was calmer that she was with Dyson, and he is the one that told her truth first. Then, after learning what her mother was up to, knowing that she gave her poisoned cookies, and the deaths that she caused, she was still less angry with her than Trick, and it was thanks to both Dysona and Trick that she is alive. Hopefully, when she learns the truth about everything, she will be able to forgive all of her friends.

On the topic of friends, Lauren has returned and it appears that Bo is finally able to forgive her for everything she has done. Since what happened with Dyson, I see her and Bo becoming a pair again in the future season. Hopefully we will learn more about her past as well in the process.

Dyson's history was just barely touched on in this episode. He has had a history with Trick, possibly before the alignments, but we don't know what his role was. He also has had some past with an ancient Fae called the Norn, but we don't know what happened in that made him try to make a previous deal. It obviously wasn't as important to him as Bo, since he didn't take the deal. It is sad that the exchange he made now was almost completely wasted due to Trick's involvement, though. Since he no longer loves Bo, I'm not sure how he will react when he eventually finds out how Bo's fight with Aife went.

Kenzi didn't have a massive role in the episode, but she was still there, supporting her friends when ever she could. She even went so far to offering up her own blood to help Bo. Even though her role was largely supportive, she still had some of the best lines of the entire season. 'Slow motion pillow fights? Crotch Lasers?' and 'you make me regret this, I swear to god that I will sell you for parts' were my two favourites. Her friendship with Hale also appears to be a lot closer. I'm not sure if they will keep it friends or actually test the waters in the future season, but they definitely have already formed a strong bond.

What will come of Trick's usage of his blood magic? Who are the ancients? Will Dyson ever be the same after getting his love torn out by the Norn? How is Bo going to react to the news? Will Aife return? Will Hale and Kenzi break the rule of no Fae involvement with humans? The second season is up next, so hopefully we wont be hanging on these questions for too long.


Reviewer's Rating: 4.5/5


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