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Lost Girl


Lost Girl: Faetal Justice
Season 1 Episode 11 - Original Airdate 2010-11-28

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***The review below contains spoilers.***

Lost Girl :Faetal Justice Review:
This wolf's bark is much worse that his bite.

By Tyler Olson


The poor doggy has gotten his fur in a fluff, and was forced to hide at Trick's with his tail tucked firmly between his legs. While Dyson is stuck hiding behind Trick's bravado, Bo and Kenzi go on a mission to uncover the truth and clear the slobbering mess.

There was no new Fae creature of the week this time, instead it was all about helping friends. Dyson, being protective like normal, didn't want Bo and Kenzi to get caught up in the mess, but they dove right in anyway. Sadly, Trick lost his magical sword, since it was a restricted weapon, causing Bo to face Vex without anything to protect her against his powers. If they were smart, they should have let Bo keep the weapon after the last time, since they must have known it would get taken away.

Sadly, this episode was super light on the action. It reminded me of any ordinary crime show, where everyone splits up and searches for evidence in their own way, with all the standard twists and turns while trying to figure out who the real bad person is, and typically it was the first person they talked to. The people they met, and the way the Fae leaders became personally involved, is where this episode shone.

Even though, it was obvious that Trick had a history with power, both The Morrigan and The Ash both treated him as if he was just an annoyance, but I have a strong feeling that they would have paid no attention to his Sanctuary if he wasn't. Trick also seemed to know a lot of other people that had power to veto his sanctuary, although most of them didn't seem very helpful. With the way The Ash and him are at odds, and since Trick looks like he is getting ready to be more of a problem for him, those former friends may have made a very dire mistake.

The Morrigan and Vex, once they had the chance to find out who killed the bouncer, seemed a lot more interested in Bo instead of the murder. It was mentioned that a lot of Fae are wishing that they could be neutral as well, which is likely putting a lot of pressure on the light and dark alignments, but it seemed to be much more personal that that.

Surprisingly, there was nothing that showed that anyone was concerned that something could scorch memories. After the failure to recover the memories, they just seemed to shrug it off as something that happens. Perhaps they use this same drug to remove memories from humans to keep their existence a secret?

In the end, The Morrigan probably has a new fur rug or coat, and the good guys are in the clear. With only a few episodes left in the season, hopefully we will start to get more answers and less questions.

Rating: 3.5/5

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