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Lost Girl


Lost Girl: The Mourning After
Season 1 Episode 10 - Original Airdate 2010-11-21

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***The review below contains spoilers.***

Lost Girl: Lost Girl: The Mourning After Review:
Another Succubi shows Bo the power of the dark-side.

By Tyler Olson

This series may have started a bit slow, but since it got it's footing, it seems to be charging ahead, pulling it's viewers along for a wild ride through the Fae ranks. This episode thankfully continued with this charge, and may have given us one of the most entertaining episodes yet.

Just like Vampires and Werewolves, Succubi also have natural enemies, and they come in the form of the Albaster. Where they both feed off of sexual energy, and leave feeling behind in the process, instead of a feeling of pleasure, the Albaster leave feelings of remorse. This remorse is so powerful, that it normally results in their victim killing themselves afterwards. I like the idea of them being natural enemies, they still seemed far too similar to be not counted as one species. It is almost like a light and a dark version of Succubi, since them both often kill their prey while feeding of their sexual energies, but just in different ways.

The new tricks that Saskia, Bo's new Succubus friend, demonstrated in this episode, gives me hope that there will be a lot of changes in Bo's life in future episodes. Since she made it seem like giving energy back was something that came so natural, I wonder why none of her Fae friends told her that it was something that she could do. This may have helped her through her feeding issue really early on. Even Trick, who has been giving her most of the information, didn't share this information with her, although it may have been in that book that he gave her, and she just didn't get far enough. I have a hard time believing that something that would obviously be so useful to her, would have been intentionally kept from her.

Trick's case, really showed how Kenzi can shine when left to her own devices. On the mission to find his missing coin, that he needed to return to Valentine, a former friend of his, she seemed to just weasel her way through every obstacle she encountered. If her method of solving the case wasn't entertaining enough, her interactions with Trick easily made this section the highlight of the episode. For a lucky coin, Valentine sure was foiled easily. I guess the coin wasn't so lucky for him after all.

More hints of Trick's power came to light again, this time to Kenzi, who helped Trick made a deal with the Lightning Bird. Even though he denied it when she confronted him about it, I am sure that Bo will find the information interesting when Kenzi tells her, if she isn't too preoccupied with her new friend. The favour that Trick owes to the bird is probably going to cost him something very precious in the future.

With Kenzi now a lot more sure of herself, and Bo seemingly charmed by Saskia, these last few episodes this season have a lot of good history to build off of. Let's see if they can keep the body count to a minimal.


Rating: 4/5

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