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Lost Girl


Lost Girl: Fae Day
Season 1 Episode 9 - Original Airdate 2010-11-14

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***The review below contains spoilers.***

Lost Girl: Fae Day Review:
Cheating death Final Destination style.

By Tyler Olson

This episode may have brought forward some of the most interesting parts of the Fae society so far, and left clues to the truth about Trick's identity. It also brought out some very important facts of why you should never start invoking ceremonies without knowing everything about them.

It's the major Fae holiday called La Shoshain, or Fae Day as Kenzi calls it. It's a day where Fae have to put their differences behind them, and are unable to use any of their abilities in celebration of their most important holiday. Unfortunately for Bo, since she isn't aligned, doesn't need to follow the rules, and thus is put to work after a Banshee signals that someone is going to die.

There are ten noble families, five Human and five Fae and the Banshees are tied directly to them. When someone from one of the noble families are about to die, the Banshees will cry for one of them so that they can prepare for their deaths. Even though the death is impossible to stop once the cry happens, Bo still tried to stop it any way. This almost seemed like something out to Final Destination, especially with how some of the close calls happened.

Trick gave Bo another new item this episode, but instead of a physical weapon, she recieved a book which explains all of the types of Fae and everything about their traditions. Armed with this new knowledge, she forced two noble brothers to stop their fighting by declaring Agallamh. Since she didn't have time to read up on everything about it before calling it, she didn't know one very important fact – if they didn't work out their issues, she would be sacrificed. This lead to some very remarkable twists and Kenzi actually saving the day for once.

Even though it was just a very small part of the episode, learning that Trick may actually be a 1000 year old Fae, who is or once was known as the Blood King. If this is true, he may actually be responsible for all of the rules that govern the lives of the Fae. That would explain why he was so upset with Bo calling one of the most important ceremonies on the most important day. Since his blood apparently still has some sort of power, why is he is running a tarvern, and not governing everyone else? His character just got a lot more interesting, that is for sure.

After so many important players announced this episode, I found myself wondering how Bo fits in with all of this. Is she a member of one of the noble families, or perhaps she might have something to do with the Blood King. Is she destined to become the Blood Queen? Everything has led us to believe that something big will happen around the reveal – let's just hope that is won't be a huge letdown.


Rating: 4.5/5

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