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Lost Girl


Lost Girl: Vexed
Season 1 Episode 8 - Original Airdate 2010-11-07

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***The review below contains spoilers.***

Lost Girl: Vexed Review:
Bo charges blindly into the Dark Fae.

By Tyler Olson

Bo has some major issues. Just with a small hint of information about her mother, she almost sacrifices everything, and ruins almost every relationship she has build so far. It would have been one thing if it actually bared fruit, but instead, it became one of her biggest disappointments.

Almost everyone tried to convince her that she needed to get off the path that she was being lead down, but she stubornly charged down it anyway. It was one thing to keep going after Dyson and Lauren tried to convince her to stop, but after The Ash and even lucky Mayer tried to stop her, she should have taken the hint. I understand how much she would want to get answers, but diving into a world she still knows almost nothing about, wasn't just foolish, but absolutely insane.

Thankfully we did learn a lot about how the Fae worlds keep their people in check, and it left open a massive new hint about Trick. It seems like Trick is building a team of some sort, and collecting Fae that have fallen through the cracks of both sides. Is he and Dyson neutral, and just pretending to be Light, or is there something much larger at play? With all the goodies that Trick has, I am beginning to wonder if there may be a hidden third clan, and he is actually their leader.

Speaking of goodies, Trick gave Bo a new weapon that is likely going to play a big part in the action for future episodes. Too bad we didn't see it in action to see what it does when it kills a Fae, but the effects we saw were very promising. What I don't understand, is that if weapons like this exist, why haven't we seen them before? The way Trick had it hidden, may mean that they are prohibited by both sides, or just really rare. I wouldn't be surprised to see more weapons like this in future episodes. Now all she needs is some very revealling sexy enchanted armour and she will be a true fantasy-style warrior.

Bo has used up all her favours now, and charred a few bridges in the process, all for nothing. This should make her next tip about her mother much more difficult to follow up on.


Rating: 3.5/5

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