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Lost Girl


Lost Girl: Food For Thought
Season 1 Episode 6 - Original Airdate 2010-10-24

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***The review below contains spoilers.***

Lost Girl: Food For Thought Review:
Nothing like the taste of foot to ruin your day

by Tyler Olson

This episode took a side step in what has been the status quo in the prior episodes, and instead worked on building a bond between many of the recurring characters of the series.

Let's start of with Lauren. Until this episode, she has had almost as much time on the screen as Hale, but thankfully we finally got to see a lot more of her. When they first introduced her, we were tempted with the possibility that she was interested in Bo in ways that were beyond scientific curiosity. This episode beat us over the head with it to the point that there isn't any doubt.

She almost begged Bo to kiss her at the beginning, and as the episode continued, it seemed more and more likely that it would happen. Now that Bo seems have control over how much she drains people, I think it is only a matter of time, especially since Dyson is still playing hard to get.

Lauren may not be as hands on and ready for action as most of Bo's other friends, but while they were working together to find the cause of the illness, it showed that they do have a certain chemistry together. With her intelligence and Bo's brute force, they would make a great team in many situations.

There are parts where is still seems that she may be too good. Just arriving to rescue Bo from the security guard was a bit too well timed, but it was how quickly she created an antidote that bothered me the most. Sure Kenzi's life was in danger, but even after she knew what caused it and had a sample, it should have taken an awfully long time to create the cure. I guess she is either that good, or knows someone who can slow time.

Kenzi has solidified her role of being the little sister that keeps getting into trouble in this episode. I don't understand what she was thinking when she raided an unknown Faye's kitchen. In ways, getting sick served her right. Will this change her habits? Probably not.

It did give her and Dyson more time to bond at least. It is nice to see them getting along, particularly after how she felt about him just a few episodes before. I don't understand what part of calling Dyson when she awoke that the people at the clinic didn't comprehend. Sure it made Dyson look bad since he wasn't there as he promised, but it made Lauren's assistants look even worse.

Trick also showed his soft side thanks to Kenzi's stupidity. There is so little that we know of him yet, that he keeps surprising me. Many times he is like a short grumpy dwarf, but here he traded a very valuable chain to get something to help Kenzi survive for longer. Is he just softening up to Bo and Kenzi, or is it all part of the plan that he is keeping from them?

This episode still had a few too many TV clichés, but overall was a really fun episode. I am still a bit disappointed with the lack of progression in Bo's destiny.

Rating: 3.5/5

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