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Lost Girl


Lost Girl: Dead Lucky
Season 1 Episode 5 - Original Airdate 2010-10-17

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***The review below contains spoilers.***

Lost Girl: Dead Lucky Review:
Bo gets lucky, but a Luck Fae doesn't.

by Tyler Olson

We still got stuck with the freaks of the week type style, but it was brought out in a much more fulfilling way this time. There was lots of action, actual story building, much needed character advancement, and we even got some information on Bo's destiny. This episode almost seemed like an apology for all the previous ones.

All of the new fae that were introduced this episode seemed very unique from each other, and still left a lot of questions open for growth. It was refreshing that we got to see how members of the Fae community work in secret within the human world.

The Luck fae, who we were introduced to first, isn't actually lucky, but actually feeds on the luck of others. Mayer uses his gifts to his advantage as a bookie, and he drains the luck away from humans that are placing bets, thus slowly increasing the odds in his favour. This led to the human, that he drained the luck from, somehow swindling him, which caused Mayer to get his family to grab Bo off the street and bring her to him. If her reputation is this large already, I would have expected them to know what they were dealing with, and how to properly request her help.

Mayer's niece, who is an Oracle, is the one who ended up actually paying Bo by giving her information on her past and future. I half expected them to sit around a table with a crystal ball while she told Bo her fortune, but thankfully it was much more than that. The eyes fluttering into the back of her head while she was channelling, as well as her voice, added a sense that this was more than just a normal fortune-telling. If her eyes would have been just white, or another plain colour, while telling her the information, it would have been even better. I am not sure what was harder on Bo, being given an outsiders view of the death she gave her first boyfriend, or that her mother is alive and that fate has huge plans for her.

Why the Light fae decided that this type of information needs to be hidden from Bo is beyond me. So far, the Dark fae is giving her more information on her past and destiny, which seems much more important to her than anything else to her, including Dyson's well-being. If this type of advancement continues, it will be the Light fae that will pay for it, especially if she finds out that they were hiding it from her.

It ended up that a Hsien was actually behind the swindle, since the human was so thoroughly drained of luck, that he died. These creatures seem to enjoy taking over recent corpses, and using them to complete tasks, like fraud, or just to dance around in hot women's bodies. Other than a great way to scam people, I'm not too sure what other benefit these abilities would have, especially since they can only remain in the body for a certain period of time. The 'corpses' slumping over dead after the transfer seemed a bit too cheesy though, and many of them seemed a bit too alive afterwards.

The one creature that left the most questions was the Frost Giant. First, how can a giant look like a normal human, shouldn't he be really tall or something? The ice thumbs being used to jab and freeze his victim were a neat trick though. Also, in what ways does he use his abilities to take advantage of his gambling scene? It isn't like people wouldn't notice that everything around him is really cold. I guess he can save money and cool the drinks that they purchase from him at least.

Poor Kenzi finally had enough of being treated like a worthless human and decided it was her time to prove herself. The way she plays poker, I am amazed she hasn't made her living off of it, instead of her pickpocket career. Saving Bo from Mr. Freeze, probably earned her a bit more respect in Bo's eyes, but her getting caught when tracking down Mayer's traitor, likely didn't win over too many votes with everyone else. Dyson did at least cover for her when Bo asked how she got there, so their friendship is getting a bit stronger. So far, Kenzi still seems like Bo's younger sister, who has the bad habit of getting in over her head.

Almost all of the comedy of this episode surrounded Bo and Dyson's back room escapades. Dyson has obviously spent a bit too much time with Bo and has become so infatuated with her, that he doesn't care that he is being drained too much and he has very little energy to do anything else. Even Kenzi, who barely spends time with him, noticed he was a bit green, but that could be his '1/4 Leprechaun'. Trick running out with a baseball bat, during Bo's very noisy sexual healing in the storeroom, was by far the funiest part of the episode. It would have been even better if his troll really did get out. Perhaps they should release him next time before making all that noise.

This was definitely my most enjoyable episode of this series, so far. With the hint that there will be a large event involving Bo and her mother coming soon, I am expecting the next few episodes to start some sort of build-up.

Rating: 4/5

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