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Lost Girl


Lost Girl: Faetal Attraction
Season 1 Episode 4 - Original Airdate 2010-10-03

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***The review below contains spoilers.***

Lost Girl: Faetal Attraction Review:
Nothing worse than a woman's fury.

by Tyler Olson

What started off as another normal episode with their new fae Private Investigator job, thankfully had enough twists in the story to make it much more interesting than the previous episodes.

Bo and Dyson's relationship continued it's rocky path again, with both dealing with their frustration in very similar ways. Dyson takes out his anger on suspects, causing the mayor to force him to go see a counselor, while Kenzi assisted Bo by showing her how to take out her fury on an old car, then to the pub to drink away her pain.

This all lead to the introduction of their new weekly client. After meeting Olivia and Samir at Trick's Tavern, and having a noisy three-way with them, Olivia, who is a Fury, returns for Bo's help to kill Jenny, her husband human lover. Since killing is apparently bad, she doesn't accept it, and instead protects Jenny from the Fury's wrath.

Everything took a really odd twist when Samir was found beheaded, which was compounded further when Olivia ended up dying from her injuries after fighting Bo. I am sure that this isn't going to score any points with the Light fae. There were a few people that I suspected to be the Samir's killer, but I didn't expect it to be Jenny. There was nothing during the episode that showed that her attitude was anything more than a normal succubus induced crush, so Jenny being a chainsaw wielding psychopath wasn't anywhere on my radar. It is nice to see that there are some things on TV that still surprise me.

There were a few things that seemed odd. First, how did Bo know to turn a Fury's gaze against itself? I doubt that she had enough time to do any research before their fight to learn that trick. Second, how did Jenny cut off Samir's head with a chainsaw, and have no blood on her when Bo and Olivia found her at home? She just came back with everything in her bag, so she definitely didn't have enough time to change. Then we have the fuzz. Wouldn't Jenny have left more evidence behind at the crime scene? For cops, Dyson and Hale don't appear to be very thorough. They also ended up getting to Jenny's place after the Fury sisters, which means they aren't just incompetent, but also tardy.

It all ends with Dyson and Bo becoming 'friends with benefits' so they can continue their escapades behind closed doors, which is what everyone only wanted, right? With no advancement of the story, and their relationship back to where it was before, there wasn't much to this episode that adds to the larger plot. It was a good stand alone episode, but this series still needs more progression and less questions.

Rating: 3.5/5

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