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Lost Girl


Lost Girl: Oh Kappa, My Kappa
Season 1 Episode 3 - Original Airdate 2010-09-26

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***The review below contains spoilers.***

Lost Girl: Oh Kappa, My Kappa Review:
It's time for the girls to clean up the Kappa.

by Tyler Olson

This episode was lighter on the action than the previous episodes, but heavier on the character building. This meant less fighting and more talking. Other than the new freak of the week, this episode seemed like your average whodunit episode.

Kenzi has started up a new case for Bo's new Private Investigator job, in which a mother has lost her daughter, named Gina, and the cops aren't interested enough to look for her. Tight on cash, they jump into the case and go undercover at campus where she went missing.

I absolutely loved all of Kenzi's reactions to being forced to wear pink and join Gina's Sorority and I'm really impressed with the constant stream of made up excuses that she was able to give in order to be accepted, especially when it came to her wig. It's surprising that she was able to hold back and not kill anyone during the investigation.

The case itself was very dry otherwise and full of way too many places where Bo just happened to stumble across something. The way she just happened to find the hole where Gina went missing, her necklace buried in the grass, and the paper that the dean hid under her desk, while they were trying to hide from the security guard, who should have easily seen them through the window, were just some of the worst examples. The twist at the end was unexpected, but everything else leading up to it seemed way to scripted.

Bo's new relationship with Dyson was definitely the bright point of the episode. Even though there is still a lot about this shape-shifting cop that we don't know, how he reacted to being forced out of the relationship really said a lot. It was obvious that he was searching for a way to stay with Bo, but since his bartender boss was afraid of the backlash that would occur when she finds out what they are keeping from her, he was forced into it. I still think the backlash from his comments in the bar will be bad enough already. It would be great to know what they are hiding, and why her not knowing is such a big deal.

The way this episode sets up what could be a case of the week type structure is a bit disappointing. Since she was looking to learn more about herself, where she came from, and with this secret that the fae are keeping from her, I expected to have a more of the story revealed by now. since the only information that we have learnt so far was explained in the first episode. Sure we know about a few more species of fae, but this is supposed to be about her, not the world she lives in. I hope that things will start building up a bit faster soon.

Rating: 2.5/5

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