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Lost Girl


Lost Girl: It's a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World
Season 1 Episode 1 - Original Airdate 2010-09-12

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***The review below contains spoilers.***

Lost Girl: It's a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World Review:
Bo and Kenzi get caught up in a world neither knew existed.

by Tyler Olson

The episode starts off with lots of nameless faces. Mainly, a bartender that is smart enough to recognize a creep, who is trying to spike drinks in order to take advantage of women, and young woman who wasn't that smart. After the bartender sucks the life out of the creep, and takes the girl home, we learn that the 'face eater' is Bo and the young thief is Kenzi. Once they finally got past the part of them meeting, we actually learn quite a bit about these two.

Kenzi reminds me of Claudia from Warehouse 13. When she first saw the picture of Bo sucking the creeps soul, was perfect example of this. Unlike most of the characters on TV, she was panicked when she found out she was in a house with someone who just sucked the life from someone, but still took the explanation calmly, and later made fun of the situation. This was solidified when she asked if Bo was an alien or a demon via a napkin, then later with her reaction when she first controlled the waitresses mind, and yet again when she started giving examples to comic books to make her point of wanting to be her sidekick. She also steals things, is very good at sneaking into places where she doesn't belong, and resourceful. So minus the whole genius with technology, she is almost exactly Claudia.

Bo, likely due to being on the run her entire life, and the fear of killing people she gets close to, is very independent, strong willed, and is very negative to people in authority. Not only did she try her best to get out of town after the elevator incident, but she kept trying to convince Kenzi that she was dangerous and that following her was a bad idea. If Kenzi didn't save her during the trials, likely she would be either dead, or gone to another town or city by the end of the episode. Her interactions with the police and the Fae leaders were great. I loved it when she told the cops that she knew how to deal with assholes, it really said a lot about her past interactions. After she refused to pick either Light or Dark Fae, I really thought that they would have tried to kill them both. I am not sure what the short man's plan is for her, but I am sure it will play a big part in the coming episodes.

Unfortunately, these are almost the only two names that we hear during the entire episode, so most of the other people shown remain nameless, which makes identifying most of the characters in text a bit harder.

During the crime scene investigation, for example, which seemed very professional and similar to many other normal crime shows, one cop obviously knew more than the other. One was light-skinned, the other dark, and no names or any other way to describe them was given. All it would have taken was a few words so that we viewers can get their names, but it never happened. For now, I will just call them Light Cop, and Dark Cop. As the episode progresses, we learn that they are Fae was well, with the Light Cop having werewolf attributes, while the Dark Cop seems to be able to knock out people with a whistle. They seem to be important characters in the series, so knowing more about them would have been great.

We also got introduced to Lauren, a doctor (or scientist) that is working with the fae. Not much is known about her by the end of the episode, but unlike everyone else, she actually seems like someone who actually lives in this world. I am curious of how she ended up with the fae as they obviously are trying to keep their existence a secret.

Unlike so many series that tend to spell out so much back-story that you know the characters well after the first episode, this series just jumped right into the action and filled in small bits of character as the episode progressed. It would have been nice to know the names of the many of the characters at least, but then it would have likely been yet another boring premiere.

Rating: 3.5/5

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