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The Grand Experiment

Season 2, Episode 24 Aired: 2014-05-15

Elementary: The Grand Experiment Episode Review

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Posted: by Tyler Olson

***The review below may contains some spoilers.***


Since the two last two episodes of this second season could easily have been combined into one two-hour episode season finale, I decided to review both episodes together instead of separately.

It all started with the huge reveal of who Mycroft was really working for this entire time at the end of The Grand Experiment. Like Sherlock, I have a hard time believing that an intelligence organization would need his "expertise". Even after these two hours, we don't get to see anything that would tell us that he would make a great asset. Is it because he is so foolish that people trust him with private details, or does he only go after even bigger fools? Perhaps they just wanted someone to blame.

With how that organization wasn't aware of such a lazy mole, I guess I shouldn't be surprised they hired Mycroft. Seriously, after a few odd failures, wouldn't they have realized that someone may have been leaking information? If that was the real MI6, I would highly doubt that the British wouldn't have been defeated at every turn.

Or maybe it's just because he's such a charmer.

Although, even with how much I found this version of British Intelligence incompetent, I love the idea of Sherlock working for them in the future. They obviously need his help. Maybe Joan can work with the NYPD while Sherlock works with MI6 since they're starting to go their separate ways.

I guess this will be the end of all those awesome and cute wake up calls involving Clyde. While I understand Joan's wish to move out and live on her own, it is still going to break up the dynamic of their team in the future. Who knows, maybe Sherlock will return to his old habits, get knocked around too much while working with MI6 and Joan will need to make use of that month-to-month lease and move back with him. Heck, I could actually see Sherlock do it intentionally just to reach that outcome. Part of me hopes that he does. It just won't be the same otherwise. Or Joan could just realize how much they need each other; that would be nice, too.

I loved the use of Everyone here. Awesome idea.

I am hoping for more out of Mycroft in the future, too, but now it sounds like his story is finished. There were so many directions that his future could have headed down, but instead the writers essentially just wrote him out of the series. I really hope this isn't the case, though, and Sherlock somehow figures out a way for his brother to return. It doesn't look likely, but, hey, Irene shows up from time to time, so why not Mycroft?

While most season finales introduce story changing events, there aren't many that push the main characters down such a drastically different path as this one. Sure, Joan wants to still work with Sherlock, but with her moving out, and Sherlock taking jobs with MI6, I doubt we will get many cases that made up the bulk of past episodes. This will very likely be a good thing, though. Instead of murder case after murder case, the future problems might be more diverse and in a much larger scale. It would be great if he began travelling to other cities next year, too.

Of course, all this could be just a fake by the writers and everything will be back to "normal" in an episode or two this fall. There's nothing wrong with "normal" but Elementary needs something more to continue bringing in viewers, especially with all the other competition in the police genre.


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