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The Many Mouths of Aaron Colville

Season 2, Episode 19 Aired: 2014-04-03

Elementary: The Many Mouths of Aaron Colville Episode Review

Tooth and Consequence

Posted: by Tyler Olson

***The review below may contains some spoilers.***


Don't you just hate it when those neck-biting vampires keep returning from the grave to continue their killing spree? Not only is it hard on the victims' families, but it also confuses the hell out of the police, especially since vampires are not real.

This sounds like an amazing premise for an episode, and mystery-wise it was okay, but there wasn't anything of substantial value that we could sink our teeth into. This is mainly due to twists which seemed forced into the story just to keep things going. Plus, far too much time was spent on Joan's incredibly weak involvement in the whole mess.

With how much time was wasted on Joan looking into the practise of her former mentor, one would expect it to go somewhere interesting, or, at the very least, have some impact on the case itself. Instead, it went absolutely nowhere of any interest, didn't make any shocking revelations about the case they were working on, and just ended with no advancements of Joan's character. I'm sure this was meant to show a different side of Joan, but all we got was more of what we knew about her character already. I also don't think she needed any more evidence that she makes a better Investigative Consultant compared to her past as a Doctor.

Of all the forced twists, the ordeal the police was plagued with while Sherlock and Joan were solving the murders was the worst. Couldn't the police just announce that Aaron was still the original murderer when they found out that his teeth were duplicated after he was put in jail? That should have stopped the lawsuit right then and there. We all know it was there just to give a reason for them to enter the mother's home later in the episode, but it wouldn't have happened in that way in real life. Oh, wait, that might have made the real killer go into hiding. Yeah, I call BS on that, too.

Rawr! I'm a shark now!

Yeah, Clyde made a couple of appearances this week, as an alarm clock again. I really don't know how he hasn't been tossed off the bed by mistake by now. Anyway, he is definitely one of the best additions to this series. We need more Clyde. Hey, maybe we could get a Clyde spin-off! It could also star the fantastic Ms. Hudson! Maybe he could have a new outfit every week!

The addition of "Everyone" was also one of the few good moves the writers made this episode. It was great to see Sherlock turning to former nemeses to get access to things he wouldn't be able to get otherwise. I really hope this is just the start of that organization taking a greater role in the series. I doubt Captain Gregson would be thrilled to learn how he obtained the material, though.

Is anyone else disappointed that we didn't get to see Sherlock singing those songs from Frozen? We didn't need to hear the songs, since I doubt Disney would approve, but the setup would have been hilarious. Also, just think of how viral that clip would go if it was really made! Sherlock would be a star overnight!

Maybe this episode is a sign that not all big news stories make great episodes. Ears to You worked, but Many Mouths was only barely passable in comparison to other episodes. It was marginally entertaining, but only thanks to those awfully forced twists.


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