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The One Percent Solution

Season 2, Episode 16 Aired: 2014-02-27

Elementary: The One Percent Solution Episode Review

A Tale of Two Cockfights

Posted: by Tyler Olson

***The review below may contains some spoilers.***

We haven't seen Lestrade since the season premiere, but we always knew he would return some day, but did anyone expect it to be so confrontational?

It seems that Lestrade's "friendship" with Sherlock has paid off since we last saw him. It takes a certain type of "friend" to take credit for another's work, but using those examples and his quotes to make an even larger public image for himself brings him to a whole new level of scum. This, of course, made learning his real status in the organization, and his expulsion from grace, so much more satisfying.

Also thanks to Lestrade's attitude, we got loads of amazing banter and character development that was desperately needed since Captain Gregson and Detective Bell have been nearly benched in the more recent episodes. If it wasn't for his arrival, this case would probably have been much less entertaining.

What happened to our favourite cops anyway? Bell only had a line or two and Gregson didn't fair much better. Were those two characters demoted to recurring characters?

There's nothing like a good cock joke first thing in the morning?

I thought it was quite fitting that Sherlock spent his free time during the case trying to get two warring cocks to coexist again; it mirrored his own experience with his old friend perfectly. Plus, who didn't love the epitaph that Sherlock will surely carve on Joan's tombstone if she passes before he does (we all know he would). Even though Sherlock did prove that two fighting cocks can learn to live peacefully, something tells me it isn't going to go that smoothly with Holmes and Lestrade. I wonder, how many days will it take before he's tossed out with the rest of the bums?

When it came to the quality of the case itself, it wasn't all that grand. Like most others there was plenty of misdirection, but that was mainly due to Sherlock's focus on crushing his new / old rival and ignoring the other possibilities. I am sure if it wasn't for Lestrade hiding information from them, they would have figured out the truth very quickly. The slimy attitude of his boss also didn't help things. Yet another reason the 99 percent of the population hates the far too wealthy.

The One Percent Solution definitely won't be in remembered as being in the top one percent of Elementary episodes. There were many parts that were entertaining and fun, but it lacked that certain spark thanks to the lackluster case.


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