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Corpse de Ballet

Season 2, Episode 15 Aired: 2014-02-06

Elementary: Corpse de Ballet Episode Review

Dancing Mad

Posted: by Tyler Olson

***The review below may contains some spoilers.***

After last week's slightly disappointing episode, "Corpse de Ballet" finally brings the Sherlock Holmes attitude back to Elementary, while still allowing Joan to shine on her own.

Like most episodes, we were treated with two cases, one for Sherlock and one for Joan, although it felt like Joan did a lot of the work in both cases again.

Joan's solo case was Hobo Hunt 2014. While I enjoyed most of this story, the attitude of the police at the beginning was incredibly aggravating and should have been handled much better. I seriously can't see two officers come across that rude in that type of situation. Other than that, I found the case to be quite solid, plus we learnt more about Joan in the process. I can't believe Sherlock didn't learn the truth about her dad before, though. Could she be his greatest weakness?

She's definetely making new police friends, too.

Sherlock's case had much more complicated, of course, but it was still quite straightforward, compared to many past episodes anyway. I especially loved Sherlock's fanboy attitude toward one of the suspects. If it wasn't already established how Sherlock regards sex, it could easily have been thought that the lead dancer might have developed into a recurring role in the series. It's almost too bad she doesn't, though; I found her to be quite entertaining.

Disappointingly, the real culprit was too predictable. Not even a minute after he was introduced, I already knew that he was going to be the fool of the week. And what a fool he turned out to be. With much of his plan so masterfully crafted, I would have thought he would have been a bit more careful with the smoking gun, especially after Sherlock revealed what he found. Why can't we get smarter criminals on this show? This isn't CSI, it's a Sherlock Holmes series.

Another annoyance was due to the amount of the episode shot with Jonny Lee Miller having a bad voice. It was almost half of his dialogue, and thanks to different scenes shot at various times, it flip-flopped through the whole thing. I don't notice other series having issues with characters with raspy voices, unless they give a reason for it, so I don't understand why Elementary has had at least two cases, so far. Too bad they didn't just improve a reason during the shooting, like Bell asking about it and Joan complaining about Sherlock's singing, or grunting the night before. It made his intimate experiences less believable, as well.

Corpse de Ballet wasn't without its flaws, there were quite a few of them this time, but it was still more entertaining than last week's dinosaur hunt. It would be nice if the writers stretched their imaginations out a bit from the standard police procedurals, though.


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