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Dead Clade Walking

Season 2, Episode 14 Aired: 2014-01-30

Elementary: Dead Clade Walking Episode Review

The Inconvenient Truth

Posted: by Tyler Olson

***The review below may contains some spoilers.***


It's been a few weeks since Elementary graced us with a new case for us to delve into, so it's nice to see it returned with some welcoming twists. It's too bad that they story they built angered me so.

While Sherlock was the one who first started this case, back when he was still doing drugs, it was almost purely Joan's time to shine. It was her that noticed the odd rock, introduced a new colleague, and headed off into different paths which eventually solved this case. Sure, Sherlock played an important part, but he just wasn't the crime-solving genius we're used to.

Isn't it sad that even the smartest people can end up fighting over some old bones.

Of course, that is probably thanks to his new role of helping Randy stay sober. While I found it hilarious how he was always interrupted when starting his medical experiment, I am a bit disappointed Randy didn't play a bigger part. Instead of becoming a helpful character in cases, he is nothing more than a hindrance. It's great to see Joan show off her skills, but it is turning Sherlock into a worrywart. I hope things will work out better in the future; I wouldn't want this to be a story of how Watson took over Holmes' job after he retired.

The idea that respected scientists would be corrupt by greed in this matter was very sickening, though. I can't stand anyone who is willing to murder people and destroy things that could evolve our understanding of the world so they can make money. Once it was revealed what they did, I didn't want them to expose him for murder, I was hoping the killer was going to be a victim of their own actions instead. At least he won't be able to do more harm, but the damage that was done is almost catastrophic.

Dead Clade Walking was a mixed bag for me. I am glad Joan had a chance to shine, but with the disoriented Sherlock and the aggravating reasons behind the murder, I didn't enjoy the episode as much as I should have. Maybe next week's episode will fair a little better.


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