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The Diabolical Kind

Season 2, Episode 12 Aired: 2014-01-02

Elementary: The Diabolical Kind Episode Review

The Arch-nemesis' Return

Posted: by Tyler Olson

***The review below may contains some spoilers.***


Her return was inevitable. Even though she was captured thanks to Joan's brilliance, we all knew that the story of Jamie Moriarty wasn't done yet, although I did picture her return to be a bit more... sinister.

Like most episodes, it all started with a murder, then went a bit further by adding in a kidnapping. Not just any kidnapping, but that of a very important family. Of course, like all cases, there is the wonderful twists and the case of mistaken identity, which was actually way too predictable after the phone call from the kidnappers. It's actually hard for me to believe that Sherlock didn't catch it, too, but I guess his mind was wandering elsewhere. I am very glad that a certain consultant isn't the real father, though. Hmm, I wonder if it could be Mycroft's?

If this is prison for a criminal mastermind, no wonder everyone wants to be one.

I still don't have any doubt Moriarty is planning something, though. Sure, she appears to be reforming in her lax confinement, thanks to Sherlock's correspondence, but I suspect that she is just trying another way to twist Sherlock away from Watson and into her devious waiting arms. By showing that she has a softer side, and that she has moved away from her murderous past (she didn't kill any of the law enforcement after all), she is setting up the perfect opportunity where everyone will let their guard down for long enough for her to sink her venomous fangs into Sherlock's neck. Could the future of Elementary be Joan and friends struggling to defeat Holmes and Moriarty's ultimate crimes? Of course, it is almost just as possible that she really is sincere about changing and may even become an ally in the future.

Her treatment of Joan only reaffirms my suspicions, though. It feels like Moriarty is trying to get to know her new arch-nemesis in any way so she can devise a method of breaking her. Yet, it might be just the actions of a jealous lover who wants Sherlock all to herself. Heck, maybe she's just trying to separate them so she can recruit Joan. Perhaps Joan will figure out she isn't really interested in men and her and Jamie will go off to create the next great criminal empire... okay, maybe my imagination is going to far, but it's so difficult to tell what the will happen.

Then there is Moriarty's warning about how corrupt the world is. Does this mean she still has many friends in very powerful places, her expected release, or could this have something to do with the coming storm that Mycroft hinted at earlier in the season? You know what, this episode leaves open so many possibilities for the future that it might be better to just sit back an enjoy what is likely to be a wild ride.


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