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Internal Audit

Season 2, Episode 11 Aired: 2013-12-12

Elementary: Internal Audit Episode Review

Charity Case

Posted: by Tyler Olson

***The review below may contains some spoilers.***

After last week's inquisition, I fully expected sweeping changes to the series this week, but surprisingly much was back to normal with a wildly unpredictable case.

The best mysteries keep you guessing to the bitter end, and Internal Audit was definitely one of those cases. As soon as Joan revealed she knew the chef, I thought for sure that this old friend was going to be tied to the murders, even when each twist pushed her out of the spotlight, but instead the person I least suspected was the real deal. After so many boring family murders this season, complex cases like this one are a treats. I only wish the writers would create more elaborate stories like it every week.

Of course, the events from Bell's injuries still had an impact on the episode, too. With Bell possibly getting reassigned to a very large desk job, the cast might still be changing, but who else will be leaving is still yet to be seen. I don't care for how this huge character is slowly being shuffled away from the series, though. I expected someone with his reputation to go out in a blaze of excitement instead of being quietly walking off the stage. If Bell does take this new position, I hope he still interacts with Holmes and Watson in some form.

Maybe Randy will be the new Marcus, instead, only less lawful.

At least the incident is also leaving its mark on Sherlock. While I think it would have been more fitting for Sherlock to look toward Joan for help, his conversations with Alfredo were still very enlightening, and opened the doors to a whole new set of possibilities in the future. Does this mean that Randy will be replacing Alfredo's role in the addiction storyline, or will this former addict be playing a larger role in future episodes? I think it would be great if Sherlock would use his future cases to help guide him down a sober path, and one that will help build a new future for him... maybe one in the private detective field.

For being the final episode of 2013, I expected Internal Audit to end with a bit more of a bang, maybe by introducing a new villain, but it was still a great episode as is. At least we won't have to wait long for Elementary to return since the new episodes return right after New Years Day!


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