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Season 2, Episode 10 Aired: 2013-12-05

Elementary: Tremors Episode Review

On Shaky Ground

Posted: by Tyler Olson

***The review below may contains some spoilers.***

Over the course of Elementay's 1 1/2 seasons many viewers expressed mixed feeling of how the stories are told. Some feel that it is too much like a standard police procedural, others think it's not enough like other cop shows, some still constantly compare it to BBC's Sherlock, and the rest just seem content to accept it as it is. Tremors took these opinions, shook them up, then showed us the truth... it stands alone wrapped in layers of grey.

Instead of being shown the case of the week in a linear pattern, this story was told through court room confessions and testimonies resulting from a serious incident that occurred because of Sherlock's methods. I loved how by telling the story this way it accented the differences between Sherlock and Joan's actions and the standard police drama. There were times that I couldn't figure out what made Elementary feel special, but Sherlock said it best with "Welcome to the greys". Far too many series fail to venture out of the black and while police book, which makes all those other series feel far too similar, scripted and predictable.

Definitely not your normal autopsy.

Sherlock seems to understand that even though the black and white thinking is often thought to be used to curb anger as much as possible, it doesn't work in the real world with all of its chaos, so he ventures out to mix greys with the other shades of grey. Of course, he does make lots of mistakes with the colour coordination, causing problems, like what happened this week, but in reality, it could happen regardless. I highly doubt that the fool who pulled the trigger would have reacted much differently if he was dragged to the station for questioning since his work would have still found out the truth, but of course, the by-the-book justice officials didn't see it that way.

This does leave the once friendly partnership between the deductionists and the police on some very shaky ground. Sure, they have had problems before that put their involvement in the NYPD's cases before, as well with their friendships, but this feels different, and much more ominous.

Amazingly, it almost seemed like Mycroft knew that this was going to happen. Could he be responsible for this somehow? If so, it would take massive amounts of resources to pull this off, which would mean a huge criminal organization is involved. I doubt Sherlock's luck just ran out so badly.

After the past two episodes, it is evident that the story is about to take a dramatic turn in the near future. Either a new villain will be revealed to shed light on these events or a sudden change of scenery is coming. I can't see either one being a bad thing.


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