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Blood Is Thicker

Season 2, Episode 8 Aired: 2013-11-14

Elementary: Blood Is Thicker Episode Review

Bad Blood

Posted: by Tyler Olson

***The review below may contains some spoilers.***


After all the sibling rivalry last week, it was a welcome surprise that most of the tension between the Holmes brothers dissipated, but that it looks like that might a huge cause for alarm.

Mycroft's true intentions might become the greatest twist since the reveal of who Moriarty is. Here we thought he was a reformed sibling trying to make amends with his brother, but now we learn he has ulterior motives. Why does he want Sherlock out of New York? There could be something in London he wants him to address, but I think it is more likely that he is really part of Moriarty's criminal network.

Sherlock did mess up her plans in the city, and with her in prison it is very possible that her friends are trying to pick up the pieces of her work, and possibly break her out, which would be significantly easier if Sherlock was on the other side of the pond. This is of course complete speculation; I have no evidence of the fact, but the clues do fit. We will have to see what his next move is to see if additional pieces of the puzzle fall into place.

Another thing that I really liked about the time the brothers spent together was Sherlock's reasons to stay in New York. Who knew that a man who was obviously so selfish and antisocial would have formed bonds so strong that he felt it difficult to break them. Sure, Joan could easily have joined him in London, so it was Bell and Gregson that ultimately kept him tethered to the city. With Mycroft knowing this, it is very possible that something will come up to try to break that friendship apart. As it was shown last season, it might not take much; putting Sherlock on the wrong side of the law again will certainly cause plenty of damage.

If only all sibling fights were so civilized.

The case of the week was a well designed puzzle, too, yet I do have one problem with the case – it left the spouse as the murderer yet again! Why couldn't it be some other illegitimate child, knocked up maid, secret lover, upset husband of a woman he slept with, or even just an incompetent doctor? The twist isn't a twist if the same card is played every week. From now on I will just guess spouse or child every time, which, with the current season's past cases as a basis, will likely mean I will be right almost every time. I hope to see many surprises ahead.

The twist of adding the daughter into the mix did make it more interesting than normal, though, even if the other mother did solve the case before the detectives did (yet another thing they should avoid in the future). I don't understand why they didn't investigate her more thoroughly the first time... it feels odd that Sherlock and Joan would have left such a massive hole in their investigation.

Even with a few annoyances, Blood is Thicker was still a better than average episode thanks to a few neat modifications to the standard case format, plus the continued Holmes family affairs. It would be nice to break the series away from the procedural format for a few episodes, though.


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