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An Unnatural Arrangement

Season 2, Episode 6 Aired: 2013-10-31

Elementary: An Unnatural Arrangement Episode Review

Partners for Life

Posted: by Tyler Olson

***The review below may contains some spoilers.***


While Halloween episodes are normally reserved for stories relating to the paranormal variety, Elementary stuck to something a bit more familiar... the scary truth of murder and home invasions.

Through these past 29 episodes of Elementary, we have seen so many character-defining moments between Sherlock and Joan, but almost none from the rest of the cast, especially the good captain. Even if you piece together the fragments of information from the past, it is doubtful that you could have known what was revealed during "An Unnatural Arrangement". Who knew that under that chiseled appearance was a big old softy who loved mischievous kittens.

Like most cases, there always seems to be huge twists to keep viewers guessing, and this one was no exception. What I have a hard time believing is the motive for the killings. I highly doubt that the two victims would have even learnt about the sale of the object in question, or, if they did, that they would be a large enough problem to justify murder. The value to the object wasn't even that huge (in today's market).

Who knew these objects would cause so much trouble.

The stupidity of the criminals was almost to the point of ridiculousness... for a Sherlock Holmes case anyway. With all the flaws and breadcrumbs, I can't see any reason a normal police detective couldn't solve the case on their own in a short period. Perhaps it would have been better if the story stayed on track of helping a friend instead of branching back to the standard murder case. Maybe it could have been someone upset with his kitten emails.

While the case itself wasn't anything really special, the recurring theme of partnership was very well done. This type of story would have never worked last season when Joan and Sherlock were just getting started, but now that they have a history behind them. By using that partnership to compare other relationships, and help build and/or repair them, it demonstrates how far everyone has come in such a short time.

Although, next week the true test of their partnership will begin. Will this unbreakable friendship fall apart, or will the infusion of family strengthen it even further? Either way, I think things are going to get really interesting...


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