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Ancient History

Season 2, Episode 5 Aired: 2013-10-24

Elementary: Ancient History Episode Review

Searching for Death

Posted: by Tyler Olson

***The review below may contains some spoilers.***


Any time the story starts with a bored Sherlock heading to the morgue to find a new murder that was overlooked, I seem to just instinctively sink deeper into my seat in hopes that it isn't going to be terrible, but, thankfully, Ancient History was one of those more pleasant surprises.

One of the greatest advantages this episode had, compared to the others, was the lack of a dead body. Instead of finding the victim's body, he found a silent killer and needed to backtrack to find who the victim could be and where the evidence was. This new perspective on the case did wonders for the story, which, otherwise, would have been quite plain.

Sadly, the twist at the end was still completely expected. The spouse being the killer might be statistically accurate, but as many other sources of entertainment have learnt, realism doesn't mean entertaining. Perhaps it's time for a new trick.

I still don't understand what the harm would be if the writers gave Sherlock a non-murder cases more often, though. How about going way off to the side and give him a case that is almost to the cute and cuddly scale, but make it so insanely difficult to solve that it tests Sherlock and Joan in ways that a normal murder case could never achieve. Sure, most of the Sherlock Holmes stories had to do with murder, but variation is the key to a successful TV series.

The case was pleasantly rewarding as is, but the character side-story was the most surprising. The idea that Sherlock had "ravaged" one of Joan's friends under a false name almost seemed like a gag between friends until it was fully revealed to be true. It really felt like he was just teasing her due to him believing it was a waste of time, instead of admitting guilt. With his wide variety of accents, I imagine it would have been quite the shock for her to meet Sherlock again and to be presented with the truth.

That joke about his actions at the end was highly appreciated as it really demonstrated that it will take more than lies and sleeping behind their backs to harm their friendship. Although, it might be different if, or when, those roles are reversed... which might just happen in the near future. Sherlock hasn't done too well when it comes to jealousy, after all.


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