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Poison Pen

Season 2, Episode 4 Aired: 2013-10-17

Elementary: Poison Pen Episode Review

Deja Vu, Yet Again

Posted: by Tyler Olson

***The review below may contains some spoilers.***

When a detective has their first murder case, it often leaves a lasting mark on them, and is usually the defining moment when they choose their path. For Sherlock, his first murderer was also a major crossroad in his life, one that put him on the path which he follows today.

Although, until this week's case, he never even met his first murderer face-to-face, which added a deep character driven story to explore while the case was being solved. Laura Benanti and Jonny Lee Miller clicked in a way that I wish Lucy Liu and he did in the first season, which made if feel as though these two characters might actually have a future, with his chaos hungry ex in prison and all. Sadly, that didn't happen. Perhaps the two women will spend sometime together behind bars...

Sadder yet, was the fact that she didn't even do it. I understand why she covered for the real murderer, but it doesn't make her sudden decision any easier on the heart. It's almost a shame that the courts don't go easier on people when they kill monsters.

A new weapon to use in case of another home invasion.

The entire case was extremely well done, too. It felt like the twists just kept on coming; just when you felt that they were on the right path, something would pull the rug from under them toward a completely new direction. By the time the real killer was discovered, it still felt like yet something else was going to twist the story, which it did!

To top it all off, Sherlock did something I never expected - showed even more of his humanity. It is amazing on how much this iconic character has softened since the season premiere last year when he was so rude that he couldn't even get a witness to answer his questions. In a way, it feels wrong for his character to be like this, but it is also understandable from what he was put through. Something tells me that something will happen that will take it all away, though.

Joan's journey from sober companion to detective also has taken a dramatic shift in the past year, almost to the point that she is where Sherlock was during the series premiere. While her mentor was visiting his pen pal, she was doing the real detective work with Bell, and her actions were so close to Sherlock's that even Bell had to comment on it. I think Watson could probably go into business for herself at this point if she wished to.

Poison Pen was definitely a unique episode of Elementary, and one that could easily be enjoyed as part of the ongoing story, or as a stand-alone case, just like the original Sherlock Holmes' stories. Bravo!


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