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We Are Everyone

Season 2, Episode 3 Aired: 2013-10-10

Elementary: We Are Everyone Episode Review

Nefarious People

Posted: by Tyler Olson

***The review below may contains some spoilers.***


If anyone didn't figure out who "Everyone" was, you haven't been paying enough attention to media... which is probably a good thing. I am sure that you, like me, are sick of hearing about these people ruining their freedom and fun on the internet by forcing the leaders to take drastic steps, but it did make for an interesting case.

I do think the crew missed a very huge opportunity, though. Having these events just a week after Sherlock and Joan stumbled across the code to make the master key to the internet, it should have involved it somehow. Just think of the damage that could have been unleashed if he leaked that code instead!

Of course, that probably would have meant the loss of the best scene of the episode; their arrest for plotting to assassinate the president. It is almost sad how easy it is to get red-flagged by a government agency in this day and age, especially how easy it is to set someone up. I'm so glad I'm not in the most paranoid country in the free world. (Oh, and the present of the United States is NOT the leader of the free world! Anyone who believes that deserves to be setup by a hacker.)

There's nothing like being arrested by the people you are helping to remove your confidence in national security.

Thanks to his impressive demonstration, I would be highly surprised if the CIA or FBI doesn't ask Sherlock for help in the future. Actually, I'm surprised they haven't already. Maybe their egos are so large that they have difficulty getting their heads out of the cyber clouds.

I do wish they had enough time to show Joan's side of the interrogations, though. She was pretty upset when they got free, so I can't imagine that she kept her cool for those three hours.

I loved the use of Clyde this week. I think most fans would love to have a Clyde alarm clock... NBC Universal needs to get that created and shipped to stores before Christmas! That turtle also needs to have a larger role in this series; we don't see him often enough.

The reveal that Sherlock is still communicating with the love of his life was a complete shock. After everything that happened, I thought that a smart, no, brilliant man like him would know better. Perhaps he's not post-love after all. I hope that this isn't all that Jamie is going to be now; it would be a shame for her not return to her nefarious activities.

I do love the idea that Watson has started compiling a list of her and Sherlock's adventures, but I don't know if Sherlock will be very pleased about his work being publicized, especially with his dislike of the public spotlight. Perhaps they will be released only in the event of his demise, or something.

We are Everyone was a wildly entertaining episode, even though I think it could have been more with a few tweaks, or more time. While Elementary's writers have done a good job getting as much done within the 40 minutes of content, I can only imagine what it these stories would be like if these episodes were just a bit longer, either without commercials or spread out to an hour and half.


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