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Solve For X

Season 2, Episode 2 Aired: 2013-10-03

Elementary: Solve For X

Episode Plot

When a well-respected mathematician is found dead, Holmes and Watson set out to solve a murder and the purpose of the highly guarded equation he was trying to decipher. Meanwhile, Watson is conflicted when the son of a former patient approaches her for a loan.

Starring Cast

Jonny Lee Miller

Sherlock Holmes

Lucy Liu

Joan Watson

Aidan Quinn

Captain Thomas Gregson

Jon Michael Hill

Detective Marcus Bell

Lynn Collins

Tanya Dempsey

Jeremy Jordan

Joey Castoro

Glenn Fitzgerald

Linus Roe

Rich Sommer

Harlan Emple

Khalil Kain

Benny Charles

Rick Holmes

Jason Harrison


Episode Quotes

Sherlock Holmes: Actually, you wrote, and I'll quote, "Yes please, now, :P :P :P"

Detective Bell: Actually, before you came along, I never closed a case before, neither had the rest of the department. Most of us were thinking of packing up, leaving, lettin' the city fend for itself.

Sherlock Holmes: Well, I'm going to take a very literal stab in the dark and say maths.

Joan Watson: Cyril Naurer looks like a unabomber.
Sherlock Holmes: Both are mathematicians, both are loners, let's hope that only one of them aspired to mass casualties.

Linus Roe: I mean, mathematicians are drawn to P versus NP because it's math's great white whale, but the truth is, a solution would have a massive real world implications.

Sherlock Holmes: Also, the river smells like rancid cod.

Sherlock Holmes: We're on a roundabout, we just need to find the proper exit.

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