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Step Nine

Season 2, Episode 1 Aired: 2013-09-26

Elementary: Step Nine Episode Review

London Calling!

Posted: by Tyler Olson

***The review below may contains some spoilers.***

After the long wait through the summer, Elementary has finally returned, and even got Sherlock back to where many fans still believe it should take place in, London England.

The choice of Oasis' "Hello" to introduce London was a fantastic choice. I haven't heard a single song that felt out-of-place during Elementary so far, but this was the first song that really felt like it fit the scene perfectly.

While I am used to New York's "finest" always picking Sherlock's mind to solve cases now, it feels very refreshing to have Sherlock and Joan in a different city for a change, which I hope will happen more frequently. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with a series taking place in only one city, although, by changing venues for a couple of episodes a season, it will help prevent it from getting stale. Their trip to London was a perfect example of how such changes can benefit the series.

Sure, this meant that two of the series stars were MIA for most of the episode, but the characters which were introduced filled those voids swimmingly in a way that could allow the series to hop over the pond without a hitch if the writers ever decide that New York is no longer the place to be.

Three new large characters were introduced this week, DCI Hopkins, Inspector Lestrade, and Mycroft Holmes. While we didn't get to know Hopkins much, Lestrade and Mycroft both grew into the show very quickly.

As if Mycroft couldn't been smoother, he is even played by Rhys Ifans.

There have been several versions of Inspector Lestrade lately, but Sean Pertwee's Gareth felt the most refreshing of them all. I liked how instead of a typical detective, like Bell is, Gareth is more of a chaotic style character who isn't afraid to go to extremes. I think it would be fantastic if his character would have a more permanent role in the series, but then we would have another addict story floating around, which I think we have had enough of to last a very long time.

Mycroft was also a huge change compared to the snobby wanker that I am used to. Some may get upset with his more charming attitude and love of food, but it makes him feel more normal in today's world. I like how Mycroft is very different from Sherlock, yet still possesses some of the Holmes art, which could shift him to become a great ally for Sherlock in the future, or a new arch-nemesis, especially since there is no greater push to either side than a life-threatening illness.

The new characters obviously stole the episode's attention, but the case was still quite brilliant, too. Having a 3D printed gun as the weapon of choice was a great idea, especially with the method of disposal. There has been lots of controversy about these weapons being created, even if they are very short-lived and often unreliable, which was very nicely demonstrated, so using them in this fashion was a great way of bringing this new problem to the viewers' attention. Although, I hope this twist isn't used too often; 3D printers are too expensive for most criminals to afford, plus it will quickly lose its charm. It's better to stick with the wild and crazy weapons of choice, like appliances and insects.

Step Nine was a fantastic season premiere. I don't doubt that they will be able to continue the high quality back in the Big Apple, but part of me will still miss their romp in London. Maybe next time they can pay Daddy Holmes a visit, too?


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