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Step Nine

Season 2, Episode 1 Aired: 2013-09-26

Elementary: Step Nine

Episode Plot

Holmes and Watson travel to London to help track down an old mentor and investigate an unsolved mystery. Meanwhile, Mycroft Holmes, Sherlock's estranged brother, reunites with Sherlock and reveals some secrets of his own

Starring Cast

Jonny Lee Miller

Sherlock Holmes

Lucy Liu

Joan Watson

Aidan Quinn

Captain Thomas Gregson

Jon Michael Hill

Detective Marcus Bell

Rhys Ifans

Mycroft Holmes

Sean Pertwee

Gareth Lestrade

Tim McMullan

DCI Hopkins

Rufus Wright

Lawrence Pendry

John Owens



Episode Quotes

Gareth Lestrade: And if the Lord had any sense at all, he'd kick Warren Pendry right up his ass and send him to a very warm place indeed.

Sherlock Holmes: I was a different person back then; I was less warm.
Joan Watson: Less?

Sherlock Holmes: I'm not slipping, I've just grown more courteous.

Joan Watson: Wow, the inside of your brain is kinda boring.

Mycroft Holmes: Sherlock doesn't have friends.

Mycroft Homes: She said, when one has something to tell you, one must make really, really sure that you're listening.

Episode Images

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